Challenger 2 needs to be brought to developers attention

It’s not a Dutch 2A6, it’s a Finnish one. Same with the 2A4.
No, Vickers MkE isn’t in the Soviet tree, the T-26 is a Soviet made derivative.
T-34-85 with that hull only exists in Sweden’s tech tree.

Eland is copy-paste still BTW.

“In January 2014, Finland agreed with the Netherlands to purchase 100 used Leopard 2A6NL tanks for approximately €200 million”,sustaining%2010%20years%20of%20operations.

The 2A6s are the NL version. The Dutch leopard. is why there is a Dutch skin form that one on the marketplace

The one we have is the Finnish one after the purchase.
So it wouldn’t ever be removed.

When did I say it would be removed I just showed you it was a Dutch leopard and is the one that is C&P.
Also, I just looked at every T-34-85 it’s identical to the Russian one just without addon armour(tracks a modification to most tanks in the first place. and wouldn’t been seen even on the Russian on 24/7) and external fuel tanks(an external visual decoration) neither of these things makes it unique.

There is no 2A6 in War Thunder with the Finnish tank model, so no it’s not copy-paste.
Finnish T-34-85 lacks the external fuel tanks and a number of other tiny hull details that all other T-34-85s have.
And those things make it objectively a unique model.
Copy-paste means identical, not similar identical.

Dose that make the Canada tree here unique then? do to 90% needing a new model. under your own words:

Finland is 90% shared equipment but Canada is not unique? By your logic for Canada Finland is not unique. A T-34-85 without weapon or engine is still a T-34-85 same tank you can find in Russia or China

Finland is not 90%, I proved it’s not.
You sound the type to claim M4A1 & M4/T26 are the same tank.

I have never once claimed those two are the same tank. You are the one feeding word I have not said into my mouth.

No, I’m stating a hypothesis. Nothing to do with putting words in your mouth.
Apologies that it was able to be interpreted incorrectly like that.
Thank you for your response.

Copy & paste is identical.
If I highly text, copy.
If I paste that text, it’ll be identical.

This is copy-paste:

“I have never once claimed those two are the same tank.”

This is the T-34-85 in FInland:

I have never once claimed those two are the tank.
Minor difference, not copy paste, and no one said that here.

If minor differences matter Canada is not a copy-and-paste nation and could be added independently(Australia too) but here we are.
So as long as the community calls Canada a C&P nation Finland will be too.
If this was a tank modelling game visual differences would matter but it’s not.

Yet your example uses two majorly different tanks. It’s like calling a Churchill and an Abrams the same tank.

There’s indeed a number of unique Canadian vehicles, there are also a number that would be copy-paste such as F-18, as it’s far more difficult to be unique on modern jet aircraft due to engine standardization & weapon systems standardizations.

Ttd probably has the best frontal protection for its br of any British tank. Just missing the mg and a longer then typical reload for the British tree. Otherwise its probably the only SA vehicle I actually like

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Someone was saying that l28 did more pen even though it export only makes sense

L28A1 is a replacement for L23 and L28A2 is a replecement for L23A1. L27A1 is a better round. It is made from DU, and uses better charges. L28A2 got some thing integrated in their chagres from the L27A1 charges but it is still inferior. So inferior charge with tungsten rod vs superior charge and DU rod.

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Tungsten rod has better pen cause its denser but du which is less dense cause a reaction with the metal in the tank it was fired causing more fires so that why i said it makes sense

Isnt it the other way around? Iirc DU penetrates more while we take the same dimensions round and we fire with the same velocity? I might be wrong, but that is what i was going with around.
Ok i did some look around. It seems like DU is better in low velocity, while tungsten is better at higher velocitises. How it is in CR2 idk, as we do not have muzzle velocity. So if it is higher then truly L28A2 should be better.

The lesser pen of du is worth the extra damage it does

i find its turret rotation speed to big its biggest issue, its half that of the marksman

I find it fine, as sometimes Marksman annoyed me when i used radar to get the lead indicator, and turret started outspeeding the plane greatly, forcing me to do decent chunks of correction all the time

Yeh i have the opposite experience with the Za-35 lol a jet will scream by and the turret can’t keep up, the marksman on the other hand is nice and snappy, 90% of the time im not using a lead indicator, only with hovering helicopters so i can shower them in rounds.

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