Challenger 2 Game vs Real Life mobility comparison

My personal opinion is that the reason that regenerative steering isn’t added yet, is because Gaijin are unable to think on how to implement it properly due to code.

NATO tanks would benefit a lot more from regenerative steering, German and British WW2 tanks would do too. I think even some Soviet WW2 tanks had it.

Challengers 2 suffer from this the most, because in real life, suspension and steering are there to compensate for weaker power to weight ratio.

Honestly this should be being worked on as a priority. This is so so bad it’s embarrassing. They’ve had years to sort it, the second best time is right now

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Here’s a nice in match comparison of Challenger 2E versus T-80s turn rates
Also notice I start turning at 3 seconds (which is why I suddenly almost stop moving) he doesn’t start turning until 6 seconds.

(for full disclosure my CR2E does not have all the mods yet)

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And here’s a reddit video from 1 month ago comparing 5 top tier MBTs turning rates

Turn rate is limited by engine rpm, challengers have a historically low engine rpm which hurts their neutral turning ability. The game uses a neutral gear instead of a full steering system, this means you can’t actually change your rate of turn. In theory it should stay in gear, 2 or maybe 3 while turning, instead of the neutral gear we currently have which is geared even higher than gear 2(gear 1 irl)

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Turn rate is also a statistic on each tank. Test drive the T95E1. Press W and A and watch how the thing takes nearly 30s to do a complete turn. Not just based on gear or engine rpm.

This is 2E though with 1500HP (or my non spaded one like 1350HP~) and this isn’t neutral steering, nor is it in the reddit video. They’re just given random values for turning. It also absolutely doesn’t explain Leclerc, a tank with equal P/W than any of those other top tier MBTs turning noticeably faster.

Ahhh sorry, presumed this was about neutral steering.

Non-static turning is mainly effected by the inertia values in game, affects the speed and slow down of turning.

Not at all though, the reddit video is steering from static and if there weren’t randomly assigned turning values at play Leclerc would not turn so much slower than the others.
And if you’ve used CR2E and Abrams, you can get a decent speed in a straight line but given the two tanks are at the same speed, turning slows Challenger hugely more than Abrams.


This is because of the inertia values, challengers are so much higher.

I don’t think you understood me

yeah neutral steering has little to do with how sluggish a tank feels or how much speed it loses while driving. The Leopard 2a6 has the same inertia values as the Challenger but turns faster on the spot, so this reddit video doesnt prove what youre saying, I mean sure the Leopard compensates with power but why is the Leopard then not turning slower then the Abrams? Both have similar power and weight but the Abrams has much better inertia values.

The Challenger just suffers the most because of how basic or non existing the transmissions are modelled.

thats at least what I think, might be wrong tho

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