Challenge "Awakening the volcano" impossible for RB players

Challenge “Awakening the volcano” is impossible for RB players for the planes part. Indeed, it is only available for the plane arcade, I don’t find this normal, you pay for a battle pass and you cannot complete a challenge which gives you 3 levels and unlocks one at 5 levels (so 8 levels in total) because you are realistic players, it is necessary for gaijin to modify it to only 2 validations out of 3 (ships and tank) or even just 1 because the prerequisites are quite complex to have. In any case the plane arcade part should only be optional because very few players play in the arcade!

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Sure you can! You switch to arcade, do the challenge and switch back. See!

Otherwise everyone is complaining because they are no rocket, bomb, boat, or good player or are simply afraid of heights.


There are several Challenges that also cannot be done in Arcade, and some require use of ground vehicles or naval or planes only. They have a “variety” so it does not favor any one mode or vehicle type. Which is fair, and it also gets players to try new things, which is also a good thing. I did ALL the Challenges in the very first BP, every one, and got the bonus for doing so. I have never done all of them since then. I still manage to get well past lvl 125 and get a FREE BP the next time around without having all the Challenges finished, just by playing every day. It’s just like the Daily/Special tasks, find the ones that are easiest for you to complete, playing what you like & do best in. You can “re-roll” those tasks to get better ones for you. The Challenges do not have that option, so work the ones you can, try your best on the rest . . work the game, don’t let it work you . . .
Good Luck

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I’m not going to force myself to play arcade when this mode sucks, it’s a paid part of the game so you don’t have to be forced to play a specific game mode, I don’t have a line up arcade and I’m not going to spend lions unnecessarily on that, no games with battle pass force players to play a mode that they don’t play and which is not attractive, war thunder wants to be realistic and not arcade so stop set full arcade challenges

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False, nobdy want to play arcade mode in this game, and no RB players want to try it because it’s a dumb game mode not funny

LOL . . … everything you just said is wrong . . . lol. There are 3 modes, no one is better than the other, they are just different because different people like different things. It does not cost you a single SL to play a different mode, the only thing that changes are the game mechanics and some BR’s. As I already said. they put different Challenges in to give everyone some that are easier to do and some that are . . . wait for it . . . a Challenge . . . tada!!


I play a little Arcade . . . .

False, for play air arcade you need to buy multiple crew when in RB you need only one slot for plane so yes it cost lions. I don’t play war thunder for playing arcade gamemode, if I want to play arcade I’ll go on WOT not war thunder

Thats fine and your perogative. But that doesn’t make it “impossible” for RB players. Only for snobs.


lol . . if you only have one crew slot, that’s on you my man, not the game’s fault, and they also have this thing called “back ups” . . you should try it some time, comes in handy. And as with most anything, if all you seek are problems, that’s prolly all that you will find . . … can’t never did anything . . and any other cliche’s you wanna toss in there. I am currently all caught up with the Challenges except for two, BOTH require Ground RB play to finish, I don’t play tanks near as much as I fly and I don’t like RB, it’s too slow and I despise the respawn point system, but . . . I try to do it anyway. If I can finish great, if not . . . I will still make it past lvl 125 and get another FREE BP for next time. Why? . . simply because I work the game as best I can. And I can accept that I am not going to finish every little thing. Acceptance is the key to serenity . . lol. Getting mad is not going to help you in anyway friend, and we’re not here to argue with you, just trying to help you out. You can play the better mode to do the Challenge or not, just as you can accept our help/advice or not too . . up to you. But getting angry won’t help with either.
Good Luck

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I’m not here to get help but to bring up issues with single mode challenges and get review of those, I won’t play arcade like you don’t play RB or simu, it’s not acceptable to force players into game modes that they do not play even though they have paid, these challenges must disappear or change so that they are available in all available modes

Why is it impossible for RB players?

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Ah, I have misread the description.
Yes, this can only be done in Arcade…at least it can be done quickly…

idk how it can be quick, i never see a cap point mission and i don’t want to play more than 5 games in arcade

Imagine getting a cap, a kill, a ground kill, then leaving because the mode sucks and when the results come in, you see that 69% activity.

As a suggestion, use Israel. 3 spawns on a single crew. Or just DON’T do it.

(actually 6 with a backup)

Funny, I enjoy arcade, but find Realistic to be slow an rather boring.
Each to their own I guess.

Ha! Good luck getting 5 Domination maps in less than 40+ games - you’re going to get Ground Strike 90% of the time, even if you set your map preferences. And that doesn’t even consider actually completing the achievement even if you get the map - I would say that the AVERAGE player trying to complete Air AB part is looking at 100+ queues to finish it.

Generally speaking, I think Gaijin has some kind of hidden agenda with these Battle Pass objectives - like to get more people playing Arcade and Naval. It is completely inexcusable that there is not an Air RB version for this achievement because many players think AB is not fun, including myself.


I wish you were right. But unfortunately, you get way more domination than that. Quick estimate is 33% to 50%.

Well, RB players already crash when taking off. Asking them to do an opposed fast landing… That would be fun indeed.

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