Challanger 3 Engine

The Nerf on the Chally 3TD is absolutely unacceptable, Its not the real tank, its called a technical demonstrator for a reason, its not real, the Challanger 3 does not exist yet, so there is no reason for it to have an engine that is not yet installed. You can’t just nerf a vehicle and expect it to be at same BR. Im not saying the Chally 3 and 2E/BN should all be put down to 11.3, thats obviously not balanced, but when we get 12.0 for tanks, the 3TD should not go up like the T-90M, Leo2A7V/122B+ etc… MY point is its not realistic or balanced to nerf the 3TD. I am obviously bias twords the british, but I believe there is sense to this.


Challenger 3TD is a real tank.
It was shown off in full.
And the bug report was made by a player.
Not sure why you want Leopard 2A5, Ariete AMV, M1A2, etc down to 11.3.


The bug report, however, was based on information of what the production Challenger 3s would have in the future.

Information that is effectively meaningless in relation to what the Challenger 3 TD actually has.


It’s what the TD used as far as anyone knows.

Wierd how they showed it was a real proposal with a real vehicle for the Challanger 2 life extension program then. Being so real it was used as the basis for the Challanger 3 therefore retroactively being a Challanger 3 TD.

it is at the same br as the 2a7 despite having worse armour, worse mobility, worse gun handling, - worse in every way yet the same br nice balance



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Thats not entierly how the story went. LEP was shown on DSEI 2019, it was turret only, nothing else. MoD liked it so much they took it as a base and started to add things to it, after a bunch of things were accepted to be implemented to it they decided to call it Challenger 3, instead of calling it 2 LEP.

That is in line with what i said

Any information on it is for the turture and not the present, the Chally 2E does not exist and the BN is a prototype. My point is that 11.7 British MBTs are not real or are expermental. And the information that Gaijin is going off of is future information, and its hypothetical and based off of some random dude. Not real evidence. So why not chose balance over hypothetical reasons.



It doesnt exist in service, never used in service, or combat tested, just like the BN. Both are proposalsand not combat ready, aka, do not exist in service or ever really tested.

Both 2E and BN were combat ready, if needed they could be taken to the fight.

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The Challanger 3 TD we see in game is a very specific vehicle that did/does exist. And afaik they are trying to model the vehicle according to what it was IRL. It getting hit by an engine nerf because the TD irl did not have the better engine is no suprise.

In other word it exists or did exist…

Not so upset over the nerf, I am upset over the fact the BR was not reduced to 11.3 when its is essentially a worse Challenger 2 (better round, yes, but worse reload).

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I swear Gaijin dedicates huge amounts of manpower and money into desperately looking for any reason to nerf British vehicles.

It was player reported…

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It was literally a player who made the report. They even own and play the Challenger 3, plus most nations to rank 7/8.

The problem is the Challenger 3 likely shouldn’t have had the 1500 HP engine in the first place, and other players pointed this out back when it was first added.

According to European canadians video the bug report comes from a player who provided a parliamentary question and answer. One minister asked what the engine was in the new challenger 3 and the responding minister responded it’s the same 1200 hp engine from challenger 2. That’s about as official as it gets.