Chaft in toptier

Do we agree that chaft is useless in toptier and that it’s better to use full flair?
Since all radars are equipped with radar dopler in toptier.

Does War Thunder take this into account, or is chaft useful in toptier?


You mean top tier air rb? Chaff is useful, it has been shown it can now proxy missiles, and besides, if you are notching and still getting locked, chances are the enemy is not using Pulse Doppler to lock you. So yes, use Chaff, it’s still got it’s uses.


Yea exactly!
ok mate thanks you a lot for answer! :)

I gonna stay in mixed loadout

gaijin recently buffed chaff so doppler radars now lock onto chaff, as of now chaff is very useful but be careful because r27ers have intertial guidance and will continue to the last position so youll have to keep notching until the missile is destroyed or is past you, however if your launched on with a aim7m/7f you can pop 1 chaff and notch and then continue as the missile will explode upon losing signal

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the aim7f/m is not that susceptible to chaff and the aircraft that have it usually have a better radar so are able to lock on first, but I agree you have to imminently notch and chaff a r27er before it gets close.

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What people forget is that while chaff may be filtered out by the mother plane’s PD radar set, the missile’s seeker can still be defeated using chaff.

The other thing is the actual placement/deployment of countermeasures. Some just fly straight without entering a notch or trying to place a flare in between the missile and the heat source. This caveat is very important considering the prevalence of strong IRCCM and the imminent introduction of Fox-3 missiles.

Can the R27ER be defeated by using chaff?

In conjunction with other methods such as notching, going cold and terrain masking. All you’re doing with chaff is making the picture the missile seeker sees blurry enough so that it won’t get close enough to trigger it’s proxy fuse.

Chaff won’t defeat more advanced missiles like an ER by itself.

well that I understand, but i drop all my chaff and flairs while trying to manuver and notching but i can never evade that freaking missile and its annoying.

You can proxy missiles with chaff.

Manoeuvring without understanding why is one thing, doing it with purpose is another.

Imagine this: the plane trying to kill you is essentially illuminating you with energy like a torch. The missile it sent after you is homing in on the brightest thing it’s sees in that light (radar waves).

You have to dump your chaff in a manner that gets in the way of the missile’s seeker whilst also simultaneously positioning your plane to hide within the enemy plane’s PD filter (notching.)

This is only achievable with sufficient amount of warning. You will not be able to do this in time if you are too close and too far from the ground to hide behind a hill or use the ground clutter.

This is why BVR missile meta is so prevalent as you’re able to kill planes before they get a chance to get close enough to kill you. I routinely launch and kill planes 20ks away.

Keep your distance, keep your awareness and don’t put yourself in a position where you can targeted by multiple planes at once at ranges where you cannot force them to go defensive and break locks.

yeah but it’s not 100% and the r27er doesn’t give you time to spare

dont engage any r27er carrying plane in bvr, you will not win. the only chance you stand is to sneak up on them and get a aim9m launch from behind or the side since that gives you a chance at killing them as they might not be looking around and get killed by it