Centurion Mk1 is too Good for 6.0

All i can say to that, if it was as good as it used to be there would be more of them

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the only real benefits are the pen (rarely), and uuh eventually stab and manouverability but you never have armour

ok well not rarely but apds isnt that good imo


What is it i keep loking at it

a full stabilizer for the cannon from i believe… the centy mk2?

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Mk3, now i relise it can ge tuned off, thanks m8,

And yeah apds is not great i only have 7 of them just incase i cant pen something

no porblemi supposes, anyways britain sucks and uuh if you lose often to their tanks, it most likely is a tiny bit of a skill issue, maybe their air is… ok, i wouldnt know

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The only Cent without stabilizer is the Mk 1.
The Mk 2 already has a stabilized 17pdr.

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Air, spitfire LF mk9, swift f7 thats about it

I dont see the mk2

The Wyvern is amazing. I use it in all my lineups.

It’s an event vehicle. It’s on the market.

Must be the chad in you 😆

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You’re using the comparably weak 76mm in a 6.0 uptier as a metric here. The way you’re supposed to get around it’s weak performance is by using your stabilizer in a flank/brawling fashion, ensuring that you get accurate shots on your enemies weakpoints while they’re still trying to level the gun off (Or using your Hellcat’s absurd speed to get around your enemies to get flank shots). Trying to snipe at the strongest armor of tanks in an uptier is a bit like trying to play a T-34-85 as a hull down sniper, of course you’re going to run into problems.

Also, said armor profile is very similar on standard Panthers like the D as low as 5.3, and much better on tanks like the Panther F and Tiger E at 6.0. And why are you relying on certain tanks fumbling their shots? That’s not a good bet, and your issues fighting apparently more skilled Cent players kinda proves it.

Also, standard 90mm M82 shot works just fine against the Cent 1, which is available on the standard M36 and M36B, as well as the T26/M4 at 6.0. Which can pen the entire LFP and the vast majority of the turret front at 500m. Far better than it’s chances against a Panther or a hulldown Tiger.

I wasn’t using it alone as a metric. I was primarily responding to the jab at me for being an American main when America doesn’t have anything that is particularly strong to deal with vehicles such as these. The 90mm is absolutely trash unless you have HEAT. They bounce even more than the solid shot AP on the Cent. HEAT is nice but the long reload time, the inconsistency of damage, and the fact that the vehicles that use them have no armor.

Yes, you are right that America does have theoretical advantages here. But they no longer translate to advantages in practice because of decisions by Gaijin. Map design is a big element as the game has basically done away with many of the strong flanking positions that fast tanks could take advantage of. Volumetric and traction changes also had a very noticeable affect. Further, unlike other vehicles which the 76mm and 90mm US tanks previously faced, the Centurion has built in responses to flanking that medium and heavy Russian and German tanks do not have. It is more responsive and can reverse very quickly for a heavy tank, if you add bushes to the turret taking out the Centurion presents a big issue for most, if not all US tanks at 6.0 and below, and the sides of the centurion also make angling the hull armor feasible.

Even if that were true, the M36s lack all the other factors that make the Cent 1 a great tank, with few redeeming ones.

Fair. It may just be that American vehicles around this range should get a BR reduction, or they should buff the 90mm.

It isn’t. Specially not now since it has received lots of smaller and bigger buffs. And it absolutely does not bounce more than 17 pounder AP (unless you’re using T33 APBC, which I will agree is shit).


Fastest way to kill your centurion in my book.

Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to pick on centurion mk1?

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It didn’t get moved up with the other strong tanks which formerly had concurrent BRs, and I’m tired of seeing them in 5.0 games. Plus the Jumbo 76 sits at 6.3 so there’s that.

Yet then cent mk. 1 is effectively your worst tank in a 6.3 lineup.

It was next to unplayable at 6.0 before the changes and was barely playable after.

Remember the UK gets no APHE and has a 99% chance of sell-shatter at those BRs.


So its either the best and only tank in a 6.0 lineup which you say isnt that great anyway or the worst tank in a 6.3 line-up where Britain has a much fuller line-up?

APHE is only good if you have the pentration

While M82 shot may somewhat lack flat pen compared to contemporaries, what it’s rather good at is angled pen. This is why it can easily go through, say, the LFP of a Centurion at just about any range, while the 76mm cannot. It’s also why Tigers cannot angle against it like they can the 76mm. It’s a better round for sure, it just requires careful shot selection to make it work.

I far prefer to use M82 over the HEATFS shells where possible, even on highly BR’d tanks like the M48s, as the post pen damage is far greater and less likely to troll me me doing insignificant damage and allowing my victim to turn around and onetap me. But that’s just personal preference.

Which is why they’re 0.7 and 0.3 BR below it, respectibly. And personally I’d prefer the 90mm APHE and HEATFS rounds over the 17 pounder AP and sabot most of the time. .50 cal is nice too. As is the mobility, which isn’t exceptional but is a damn sight faster than the Cent. 5 crew can save you against smaller guns or misplaced solid shot occasionally too. The Cent is overall a better vehicle, no question, which is why it’s at a higher BR. It’s also comparing two tanks with wildly different playstyles, which is an apples to oranges comparison at the best of times.

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