Centurion Mk1 is too Good for 6.0

What Battle Rating do you think the Centurion Mk 1 should be at?

  • 6.0
  • 6.3
  • 6.7

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At 6.0 the Centurion Mk 1 is behemoth. It’s gun can go through everything and does decent damage, its armor shrugs of pretty much everything frontally except for a few of the largest guns. It is way better than tanks like the Tiger E which also currently sits at 6.0, and it faces lots of 5.0-5.3 matches. Personally I think it needs to be at least 6.3.

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Does tiger E have gun that shots traumatic shells?

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Ohh look Britain has a usable vehicle … best nerf it into the ground so its no long usable. as if shell shatter wasn’t bad enough… wtf is this L take?


The Tiger E can pen the cents turret quite well and instantly kill every one inside while yes it can pen the tiger E quite easy due to APDS it can shell shatter and lacks the post pen of APHE. This tank was designed to fight the tiger so its going to be able to pen it


Britain mains is order of masochistic knights, you accepted rules and joined.


Ah, i see you have zero experience playing brits.

Armor is incredibly situational. Roof is pennably by nearly anything, including plane .50s. Cheeks are weak, under mantlet is weak, ufp is functional but lfp is bad.

Gun is bad. You have pen, but you have poor postpen and APDS shell shatters constantly.
Its functionally a sidegrade to panthers. slightly better armor at the cost of a lot of speed and no APHE.


Fine as it is.


I play Britain all the time. There are plenty of “usable” vehicles. Britain has an absolutely dominant 5.3 line-up. The later centurions do quite well too. If I have to curb stomp teams with the Cent until they raise its BR i have no problem doing that.

What does brit 5.3 brits have that 5.3 france doesn’t do better?

M4 SA-50 is better than anythnig the brits can bring at 5.0.
The ARL-44 is amazing with 240 pen and rather effective armor.
AMX10P is better than the skink or bos.
AMX-13 DCA40 has 94 pen on a rather quick chassis.
B26C is a great bomber with 2x 2000lb, frontal guns, and rather good maneuvering.

Brits get… the challenger? Thats about it. The 77mm of the comet is nearly strictly worse and the comet is slower than the challenger. There is nothing else in the tree and the TOG is very situational. I guess the wyvern is good if you want to throw in premiums.


Maybe those should be looked at as well. However, France is played a lot less and seems to do a lot worse in my experience. I barely see French players in game and most of the time they don’t do well enough for me to notice.

You can also throw in the fireflies, which do very well at 4.7 and can work just as well at 5.3. Britain has a great 4.7 line-up as well with the fireflies, concept, avenger, and the wyvern.

just got the chally 2E gunna see what its like later

2E (If you mean the tank, not the standard one upgrade) is decent. My 2nd favorite just bechind BN

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Everyone forgets to mention that british tanks lack a reverse gear. They have the driver get out and push the tank backwards in neutral, which is why it’s so slow.


The Wytern is about all the Brits have and they are constantly trying to screw us over on that one.

Britain has a series of very thinly armoured tanks at 5.3 and a very random gun on all of them.No air defence on any tank except the firefly.UK is useless on an increasing number of maps.Playing UK is a challege at 5.3


Good luck!


Then Cent mk. 1 good? what a joke.

Dosn’t have what makes the other cents good. (a stabilizer)
The BR range for 6.0-7.7 UK is plagued with shell shatter.

On top of that, it’s effectively got no armour and it’s slow.

The father of all MBTs is in one of the worst states in War Thunder.

Due to the lack of lineups in the 6.0-6.7 range, I had taken it to 6.3 and 6.7 and 6.0 is the only BR it can do something. If you ask me if it should go down in BR I’d say not really. At 5.7 it might be fine(just without a lineup at least at 6.0 if you own it you got the Black Prince. not the best-case scenario but better than nothing) but at 5.3 it would be OP.


Now that the Panthers are at 6.0, the Cent 1 is somewhat understandable at that tier too. It’s arguably a sidegrade, trading forward mobility for a reverse gear, APHE for APDS, and a weak LFP for slightly trollier turret armor.

The biggest issue with it is the lack of a lineup, but that’s not the fault of the vehicle itself. If we get things like the Contentious we might see a lineup for it at some point.

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Isnt the cent 1 the the one with the 76 and a huge weak spot on the front of the turret?

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That the tiger can pen yes

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