Centurion Mk. 5 LPT - THIS Is What An Event Vehicle Looks Like

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TL;DR: A Centurion Mk. 5 modified by Teledyne Continental Motors to mount the Low Profile Turret.


Note: To clarify, this vehicle is being suggested for the US because, outside of the initial supply of the chassis, the British have nothing to do with it. It was never marketed to them let alone tested by them as the Centurion had already been out of British service for 20+ years.


The AGS program began in the early 1980s as a set of requirements put forth to replace the aging and heavily disliked M551 Sheridan. Several American companies would begin development on their own designs, Teledyne Continental Motors being one of them. TCM would begin their development in 1982, with the chassis being completed in 1983 and the turret completed in 1984. Both components would undergo their respective trials before being united in 1985 and publicly displayed at the US Army Armor Conference at Fort Knox under the name “Expeditionary Tank”. This vehicle featured a completely new and very unconventional unmanned turret, which allowed for the entirety of the crew to remain in the hull during combat, keeping all of them out of danger when in a hull-down position. The Expeditionary Tank would then be improved upon and eventually become the Teledyne AGS. When 1993 rolled around, the AGS Program was officially put to an end with FMC’s AGS entry being chosen as the TCM AGS’s autoloader had a tendency to jam. Still, seeing the potential in their unmanned turret design (now called the Low-Profile Turret (LPT)), TCM turned to the export market. The LPT would be marketed for installation on a number of vehicles, from the M60 to the Leopard 1. One of these vehicles was the Centurion and to prove that such an installation and similar installations were possible, the LPT would be installed on a single Centurion Mk. 5, which shaved off 5000kg of weight and significantly improved the firepower of the vehicle as a result. A new engine developing 908hp (At the least. Sources say that it could also have a 1050hp or 1200hp engine, however, which engine was installed in the demonstrator is unknown.) and additional spaced armor on the sides of the hull were also added. Unfortunately, this demonstrator would do little to attract customers and the vehicle would eventually be deconstructed. The hull survives to this day, resting outside of a former TCM plant in Muskegon, Michigan.

Place In-Game:

Far too often have vehicles fit for the tech tree been added as event vehicles and there’s few greater examples than the three in-game AGS tanks. Each one of those could have filled the high-tier US light tank void. To prevent any more AGS tanks being added as event vehicles, suitable alternatives must be presented. The Centurion Mk. 5 LPT is one such alternative. It’s mobility is very surprising for the hull that its based on, however, it’s still not on par with any light tank of the tier it’ll find itself in. As such, it’ll have a relatively unique playstyle as you aren’t going to be able to get into any crazy early-game positions, however, you will still be able to get to where you need to go very quickly and be able to more consistently survive autocannon fire to your hull. Your turret is also mounted much farther forward on your hull compared to the TCM AGS, allowing you to better crest ridgelines with the hull forward. As previously mentioned, the Centurion Mk. 5 LPT would be a perfect event vehicle. It provides a familiar turret on a hull unfamiliar to the US.


Armament: 105mm M68A1 cannon and 1x 7.62mm MG

Dimensions: 9.83m, 3.38m, 2.90m (L,W,H)

Weight: 48600~kg (The mounting of the LCT shaved off 5000kg and the additional hull armor added 1600kg)

Armor: Same as Centurion Mk.3 and AGS in-game plus additional spaced applique armor on the hull sides providing 250-300mm of RHA equivalence

Crew: 3

Ammunition: Same as AGS in-game

Speed: 67kph

Horsepower: 908hp (At the least. Sources say that it could also have a 1050hp or 1200hp engine, however, which engine was installed in the demonstrator is unknown.)


Front View:


Side View:


Side View Close-Up:


The hull as it is today:



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I would really enjoy playing this vehicle! +1


It’s obviously American but you gotta be careful with Gaijin. They’ll jump you and give it to Germany for no reason like Hunter F58. Apparently this turret was mounted on a T-55 at one point?


I do vaguely remember reading something like that, however, I’ve yet to find any actual photographic proof.

This is not going to change anything. I don’t like the CCVL, XM8 and AGS all being event vehicles, but it’s not my decision to make, and there’s not some quota for event vehicles that will be filled by introducing this vehicle. Gaijin will add a high tier tracked light tank to the American tech tree if and when they feel that they want to, and the Centurion LPT would not affect that one way or the other.

That said, while the teaboo inside me is malding a little, I don’t really mind this proposition. It’s like a baby TTB!


US tech tree has massive gaps in so many lines and there are soo many vehicles that can fill those gaps but gaijin keeps adding them as event vehicles, meanwhile germany and russia are constantly getting vehicles in their tech tree making their high tier line ups stacked.


Exactly. Gaijin ruined the possible tracked light vehicle tree already by making THREE FOMO event vehicles, and 2 of those easily couldve been TT. Forget about it. This needs to be POST M1128!


USA with a more stacked top tier lineup than Soviets: “Pfff, Weak.”

Stacked? You cant be serious, youre right, they do have a ton of light tanks, theyre all called the Abrams, and they all suck except the SEP

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What’s funny is this tank is in War gamings World of tanks under the name Concept 1B.

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It’s not. The Concept 1B was a very different and very real project.

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Dam The look almost the exact same

Never mind looking down the barrel it looks like it. Thats why I said that but still I think we should have the 1b

Where did you find the Info?

Unfortunately, neither the 1B nor any of the other Concept vehicles were ever built. Below is more info on the project.

Thanks I just needed the info I have a habit of making prototypes from old promising designs.

but I am very grateful you found the info thank you.

+1 to this. US needs more light vehicles in the TT.