Centauro I 120 SQUADRON vehicle for the USSR tech tree

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The title of the topic sounds absurd at first glance. However, now I will tell you why within the game we can and should get some Italian light tanks as squadron or event combat vehicles.


To begin with, let’s remember the history of Sweden’s T-80U and Mi-28A: during the 1993 tender the T-80U was tested in Sweden, and in 1995 the Mi-28A. Both of these vehicles were not accepted for service and were bought by Sweden and returned home. Due to this fact they appeared in War Thunder.

Historical background
Now to the subject of discussion:
In 2012 Russia agreed to transfer two Centauro tanks (105mm and 120mm guns) and two IFV Freccia (25mm and 30mm autocannons instead with Spike missiles). All vehicles arrived at the port in Novorossiysk and underwent two years of testing in Kubinka.
After testing, Russia returned the tanks to Italy, having never decided to purchase them.
Enough photos and references to these vehicles have been preserved. Some of them are quite funny - how Centauro got stuck in a snowdrift in winter and was pulled out by a tractor.

The Centauro is being pulled out of the mud

Game explanation
I propose to add Centauro 120mm for USSR\Russia nation as squadron (I think it’s most appropriate) or event vehicles. This has a historical basis, and also logical from the point of view of interest to this technique: Russia does not produce and is not going to produce modern light tanks. Therefore, USSR will never get light tanks with a combat rating of 10.3+
The only light tank is the Sprut made with the stupid idea of dropping it from an airplane. This idea is outdated even before the tank was made. It ends up being a huge coffin on wheels that is simply unpleasant to play on.
Centauro 120mm is far from being the most effective technique in the game and it won’t be “getting the most delicious candy”, however it will be a very interesting experience for the USSR, where there are almost no modern light tanks.

Why not the 105mm version? Because its combat rating is 9.0-9.3 where USSR has BMP-3, Sprut and BMD-4. At that rating the USSR has decent light tanks.

I think it’s fair for the USSR to get at least a few foreign vehicles if there are historical reasons, as many tanks, airplanes and helicopters are transferred to other nations - T-90S, T-80U, Mi-28A.

It should be a full copy of the Centauro 120mm of Italy in terms of characteristics.

Country of origin Italy
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 30 t
Length (gun forward) 8.26 m
Hull length ~ 7.75 m
Width 3.38 m
Height 3.65 m
Main gun 120 mm
Barrel length 45 calibers
Machine guns 1 x 12.7 mm, 1 x 7.62 mm
Maximum firing range at least 3 km
Maximum rate of fire 12 shot per minute
Elevation range - 6 to + 45 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun ~ 40 rounds
Machine guns 400 x 12.7 mm, 750 x 7.62 mm
Engine IVECO VECTOR 8V diesel
Engine power 720 hp
Maximum road speed 105 km/h
Range 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 2 m
Fording 1.5 m

Some photo and video:



Итальянцы в России - bmpd — LiveJournal
Centauro в России - bmpd — LiveJournal
Россия может приобрести лицензию на выпуск итальянского колесного танка Centauro - Газета.Ru


Only as a squadron vehicle, to go along with the trend of the T 80 U and T-90S.


Two wrongs do not make a right.


Of course, I think that according to the current trend (squadron vehicle might be vehicle with only an indirect connection to the country) this is most appropriate.

Premium tanks should be made by Russia or their close allies


I’ll say it again, I think this Centauro is the right one for squadron equipment as it has an indirect link to Russia that is even more valid than the Mi-28 and T-80U for Sweden.

The second reason is the lack of development of light tanks in Russia, nothing better than 2S25 is not available or foreseen. Besides, this is one of the rare cases when not someone will get the equipment of the USSR/Russia, but the USSR will get someone else’s.

Please consider Mi-28A, T 80U, T-90S and a lot of other USSR and Russian equipment in other tech trees
That kind of exchange seems fair to me


You think only russia’s tanks and helicopters can be given to other countries for circumstantial reasons?


What’s the part of “two wrongs don’t make a right” that is difficult to understand.


+1 Why should other nations have vehicles from the Soviet tree and the ussr not?
I support as a squadron vehicle


Why 2? I listed at least 3 vehicles. Plus a bunch of T-72Ms, ZSU-57s and others.

This is already in the game, and in fact, not often there is a reason to give someone a technique on such grounds.

The USSR can’t get a Leopard or an Abrams, but Centauro can and that’s what it needs.

You can’t remove Mi-28 from sweden anymore, so it’s time to accept the rules


I mean a vast majority of said vehicles are just copy and pastes, and make sense because Russia massively exported their gear. There are a bunch of US planes and tanks in other trees as well, because both Russia/USA exported vast amounts of vehicles to their allies.
I’d much rather give Russia a MI-28A and other unique vehicles that were added to other trees, rather than drop a Centauro 120 (???) in the middle of the Russian lineup.

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Ah yes, the nation with with the most ground squadron vehicles needs more, good idea sarcasm note


squadron tank, not in the tree. Russia needs light tanks from other countries, since it has none of its own.

USSR and Russia don’t have light tanks for high level, so they need someone else’s.

Considering that adding Centauro would cost Gaijin practically nothing, and pandora’s box was already open, so why not. And of course the captured F-5E from Vietnam for USSR air tree. )))


russian has its own options and isnt in need of an italian vehicle to fill the gap, just because you dont like the terminator or the kurganets 25 doesnt mean others wont and that it needs to be replaced with an italien vehicle


No -1
URSS Is the most important tree for Gaijin and It Always receive new stuff and veichles all native. This Is Just and Insult to’ the Italian community


fact is , it is not needed there is other light tank options, lights tanks dont need to necesarily have a big cannon an autocannon does the job just as well, besides that they get access to atgms as well


Honestly, from my point of view, I do not despise any tank that would strengthen the numbers of machines in my formations. Given that I use free manual vehicle repairs, the number of vehicles plays a big role for me. The more sets I can put together, the longer I can play without paying for repairs.

So I can’t really say that we need Centauro (because we honestly don’t) but if I had to choose between Centauro and nothing, I would choose Centauro.


Also this suggestion Is extremly poorly made with poor source. It Is Just a Complain about Russia not getting veichles that they never had Just because some other tree have some damn soviet veichles. If You want to complain with Someone, complain with Your governament that during the soviet Union decided to’ export all those veichle to’ all those country. URSS never operated any single Centauro especially the 120 mm One. I see this suggestion Just as a ranting from a community that cannot be satisfied even being the Gaijin biggest interest in this game.


Russia has enough native light tanks and wheeled vehicles to fill a whole other line of tanks, keep export vehicles out of the two major tech trees
Although, there is sometimes it is ok, examples being the TAM/TAM2C in Germany and the m53/59 in USSR (because they’re the closest country in relation in the game)
Russia has stuff like the btr-82 left to add, they dont need italian copy paste, they need more of their own designs
and if this is a revenge suggestion for russian vehicle in minor tech trees (which some of them needed) ill have to agree with flip, two wrongs dont make a right


They were tested in 2012-2014 in Moscow.

This is a much more serious ground than the T-80’s participation in the Swedish tender.

You just don’t know the history, lol