Categorize the J6K1 as an interceptor

Any day now Gaijin

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Now that it will be seeing more jets, an air spawn will help a lot. But either way, I won’t touch it anymore. I don’t want to struggle chasing more jets. 8 guns help, but I don’t want to head on 99% of the time just to kill 1. Too much pain, a not fast plane vs a La-200…give me a break Gaijin…such a joke move.


agreed wonder if gaijin considered ‘fun’ when they placed it at 6.7 lol

Even getting an airspawn wont solve the issue that this plane literally can not reach the speeds necessary to kill a jet. It compresses and the wing rip speed is too low. It is absolutely mind boggling they put this plane in the 6.7 bracket. 6.3 was literally enough

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Another vehicle that people won’t play anymore and will eventually end up being BR 7-8 and join the Ki-84 because Gaijin is incompetent.

japan try not to get actually nuked by gaijin every update challenge (impossible)


that would be third time that happend to japan?

real talk, japan low brs at ground are awful. Chi to and chi ri dont deserve 4.7/5.0. 9.3 is awful. Japan air is also getting massive Ls, most of their props are pretty high in brs, and japan lacks any decent CAS from 7.0 to 9.7. not to mention the worthless helicopters and the recently up tiered 81 c. also dont forget about the absolute hell hole that gaijin turned the type 89 into

Seriously at this point, it feels like you are stuck choosing between vehicles getting artificially screwed with BR changes/nonhistorical nerfs vs choosing bad teams but having to play major nation.

Seriously wish Gaijin would be more careful with prem vehicles as they are vehicles that are literally paid with money or time that people have grinded super hard for. It feels unfair for them to haphazardly change prem vehicles like the J6K1 or A6M5 KO because they see high win rates in them.

yeah, its really not fun. most of this i’d assume is because japan is a lot harder than other nations, and such players have to play better than the average player to advance at a faster rate. Which results in horrible nerfs towards a minor nation that isn’t all that good. although i do think premium stuff should be messed with. ML should of been brought up to 11.7 this last patch. idk why it wasnt.

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Been seeing a lot of Type 16 FPS lately and they are doing the ODL move. Either new players grinding Japan or many of them just testing out if 9.3 really is a chaotic mess as we say it is.

It went on sale during new years sale. Thats probably why theres so many of them currently.

Dont think it did, it went on the sale before that and not on the new years sale because reasons.

oh i thought it did. im a bit brain dead rn rn.

Its on 6.7 because players think going head-on against this is good idea.

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