CAS teamkilling

Can you get a game ban from accidental team killing using Pe-8 or Lancaster? it was the first time in my life yesterday I got booted to the hangar after dropping the 12000lbs and killing 3 enemies and 2 teammates, since last week probably a total of 5 teamkilling lol although it was unintentional. At the rate I am going, will there be a ban?

Depends if gaijin reviews it and deems it “purposeful” or not

I’m just tellin my perception and this has nothing to do with your situation or what you did. I will not judge you.

My perception the most time when I get TK by a Pe8 or Lancaster or any other big bomb is a “I don’t care” answer after I’m asking for a reason.
Some argue that they can afford a TK because they got enough SL.
And those are the moments I go for a report.
I don’t went on high altitude bomb runs myself so I lack knowledge how good friendly are to be distinguished from enemies.

It’s a bit tricky, I don’t climb too high myself because it makes hitting moving targets impossible due to the time it takes for the bomb to reach the surface level, and the probability of teammates driving into the bomb zone is also drastically increased (furthermore, radar SPAA can lock on your bomb and destroy it mid air), I’m usually dropped at 1500m altitude, and say the zone I’m going to nuke beforehand, usually nobody cares where I was going and insisting that they drive into that area, sometime I would say I’m nuking C7, I bet nobody opens up the map and see which part of the map is C7. Also sometimes I have to get really close to see teammates nametags, and paying a lot of attention to the kill message to see what is happening to prevent dropping bombs on targets that is already killed, more often I just make a U-turn and try again to see if I can see anything, it’s just no better way to make communication. Usually closing in 8km I will using the radio to ask for a target for airstrike, 1 out of 10 times people response to it, like saying there is three at B point or something like that. The first week on the PE-8 I didn’t kill any teammates, my KD went on like 60 kills with 15 deaths in ground RB. Shit happens and there is only so much I could do, there was a time I turn the match around after dropping the 5000kg and killed 9 enemies and 1 teammate (one caught engine fire, if he dies then I’m kicked), we have like 3000 tickets left and the enemy has over 10000 in port novoro lol

Yes, very probably.

We use an automated system to handle TK’s and this takes into account TK and team damage incidences over time and taking into account how often you spawned in that time, and repeated TK will lead to an automated ban.

As to “unintentional”, well, even if it’s not your intention to kill teammates, it’s still your responsibility to ensure you only employ a weapon (especially one as powerful as the Pe-8 carries) in a way that it doesn’t damage or kill your team members…

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Hey thanks for the clarification, btw if you don’t mind, I have another question. Why is friendly fire enabled for aircraft damage on friendly ground vehicles while the friendly fire on ground vehicles is turned off?

Thx for the details on your strategy. And there we see a problem. Sometimes players are in complete tunnelvision because they got 2-3 enemies around and no time to respond in the chat or pay attention to the map. And then there are moments where it can be useful to drop the bomb for the win. Then I see it as colleteral damage when it hits me. Sometimes it is worth the win. But it depends on the situation. I got TK by dive bombing mates because they where just hot for the kill and the best is when they answer in a rude way. Like it was my mistake to be so close to the enemy in a ground battle … how dare I …

Frankly, I don’t remember what the exact explanation for that was, it was so long ago. Arty similarly. There was a veeeeery long “centuries” old thread about all this in the old forum.

If I understand this correctly, the team damage and team killing have an x value that adds up every time someone commits ff/tk, over time the value accumulates and after it passes a certain threshold, the player receives a temporary game ban, will the x value resets itself after player stopped committing ff/tk for a certain amount of play time? because if it doesn’t, that means I will have to stop playing the PE-8/Lancaster.

Not sure about the exact formula, but basically yes.

What you certainly should not do is assume a playstyle where you think “x TK’s in y time should get me through without issue”. Eventually it will bite you.

Also, Pe-8 and Lancasters are strategic bombers, not anything that one would consider “close air support”, and using them in an environment where friendlies are close by is certainly a big risk.

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