CAS needs nerfed - badly

Bombed 3 times in a single match by the same guy, and he killed 1 player in a tank before me. This is complete rubbish.


just doge the bombs


When a building is on fire, and the first 17 people to call 9-1-1 didn’t cause any firetruck to be sent to put it out, people are going to keep on calling 9-1-1 as it keeps burning.

Maybe instead of dispatch telling the caller they’re dumb and hanging up on them, they should just send a firetruck and put the fire out already.

Unless the strategy is to wait until people stop calling simply because they all died of smoke inhalation, I guess.

edit: obviously not spam, flag system being abused

Wow what you all read in a “here we go” … very creative.


I love cas they go well with the proper seasonings and barbecued at temperatures of 550 rounds per minute…lol


Just make CAS first person like in Enlisted, and increase the spawn points required for strike and bomber aircraft. I hate seeing these guys in BT-7s and M22s scouting or rushing caps to then spawn a full CAS loadout.


I personally enjoy CAS and shooting down CAS. Don’t camp or sit out in the open.


Oh boy, another one lol Well, yesterday, I was in a game where someone cried all game about CAS. Told him to stop crying and use a SPAAG. He told me to shut up and refused so I got on the SPAAG myself and killed almost every plane in the sky with the M16. Legit told him, “There, killed them for you, now stop crying”. My guy just refused and said he rather cry about it. idk man, most of the time I feel like im playing with the New gen kids that just whine about everything.


Yeah. They say that CAS is killing the game, when CAS has always been in ground RB, and the game is currently doing the best it ever has in terms of player numbers (granted we can’t tell how many players are bots).


Or dont spawn in a heavy tank and cry after being bombed Heaven forbid you might have to engage them in the sky… If you hate aircraft so much wow did you get into the wrong game I kinda feel sorry for you… So quit asking for WW1 style fighting that literally nobody wants just butt hert tankers that rely on armor and hull down crossmap sniping while telling you to just use skill while you cant evep pen them at the distance they sniping and because map size limited no possible way to flank them

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There needs to be some type of timer before you can even spawn CAS… would fix thhe whole issue imo.

And for people saying, “JuSt sPaWn iN SpAA?!”… I do. I get more points for air kills most games than I do for GROUND targets…in “GROUND REALISTIC”. Thats seems like it would be an issue…

There’s also not much you can do in a SPAA when you’ve got the enemy team rushing your spawn while you’re getting shot and bombed in your spawn from 3 diff directions. It’s too easy to spawn CAS and overrun or straight up turn the tide of a whole match in one.

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3 times? And you spawned in another MBT each time i guess

Maybe switch to ANTI-AIR


l2p cry more pls

There is absolutely no need to nerf CAS, it´s absolutely fine.
ARB is a stale 10 year old trash TDM, therefore droves of players migrated to GRB to play planes.
Give ARBEC or fix ARB and CAS will disappear from GRB.


See picture above ;).

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Bold announcement … Are you familiar with self-reflection?

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The CAS problem differs greatly in the various BR Brackets.
All the way up to 10.3 the SPAAs will deal with CAS just fine…as long as people stop playing the SPAAG as TD’s and start using them for what they’re intended.
After 10.3 the SPAAs are not up to the task anymore.

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Of course! Espeically when air can destroy SPAA outside of its effective range.

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The very moment you face a hellfire with a Ozelot :D

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