CAS is far too cheap to spawn in Ground RB

straight to the point, cas is far too cheap to spawn in GRB (i mean you can literally get 1 cap or 1 kill and you’ll be in a plane loaded with bombs) so come on devs, is it REALLY that hard to increase the sp cost?

No Ground/Naval in Air battles
Air in Ground/Naval battles
why must you make naval and ground suffer?

and you could argue that SPAA is the solution to cas, but oftentimes CAS at the same BR as the plane they are going against is not enough, i mean a 7.7 jet could easily avoid the M163 with its radar that has bad range + there could be a building or rock blocking the SPAA’s view
this means, that there is no reliable counter against CAS in GRB.

ontop of all of that, SPAA rewards are very bad, leading to less people playing them, or even bothering to research them. most SPAA is also overtiered and should be lowered in BR.



There is a reason why I don’t take my Maus out for a walk anymore, because someone loves raining poops on me.


You can obtain a plane with bombs even with 1 assist LOL.

Is stupidity low and need a SP increase since long long time ago but Gaijin and his idocracy.


And then come up with the stupid idea of taking a fighter plane and shooting down planes. The rewards for this are … negligible. The same with an SPAA. At best, you’ll make it into the midfield if you play well.
It’s clear that the players hang bombs under the wings without end and then score points with them. It’s simple, fast and if you can master it, you can wipe out entire teams.

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Plane SP cost risen over the years meanwhile tanks got stupidly cheap. Idk why you complain,before you spawned heavy tank and died,had just SP for SPAA,now you can take also a medium or TD after you die in the heavy,and after that a SPAA.

Heavy tank is nearly 3 times cheaper now,from 450 SP in downtier to 150.

please show me this SP cost lol. my Su-22M4 takes nearly 900 SP for its top loadout

Dumb bombs are cheaper to spawn than guided munition.

The Pe-8 with just one dumb bomb costs more than 700 SP, too.

GRB is just Plane /Helicopter spading Arcade without markers mode ,nothing more


No matter what you set the SP costs to, it doesn’t solve the actual problem.

Under the current “plane is powerup” implementation, one team will get aviation up before the other, who will then complain about being on the receiving end. Changing SP costs will only move the goalposts, but is completely incapable of fixing the problem.

The best counter for aircraft is other aircraft. SPAAG can react to incoming aircraft, SAMs more so, but fighters can pursue.

Hence, combined with removing the kill camera from live gameplay and forcing aircraft to runway-spawn, I think using Simulator’s SP system in RB should be trialed seriously. For those who don’t know it:

  • 1000 SP per player at match start
  • No ability to earn more SP, be it from caps, kills, assists, bounces, bombings, etc.
  • All aircraft, clean and loaded, are theoretically possible as first spawns as a result, meaning neither team can “rush” to be the first in the air. Clean fighters will always get airborne and up to combat speed/location/altitude before CAS - thus if anyone has a problem with CAS they now can realistically shoot it down before it does significant damage to teams and not after.
  • SP costs of various ordinance loads would still need significant adjustment, where intentionally taking the “best” CAS loadouts on top tier jets would use nearly all of your allotted SP, allowing maybe one mid-level tank after being shot down. Thus the fools who spam CAS only to die stupidly end up shooting their team in the foot more than the enemy’s.

Much like how ARH missiles were trialed in a separate event, a SP system like this should be trialed extensively in separate events at various BR ranges.