CAS, Heli and Nations in RB

I wanted to know if Gaijin had a plan regarding the CAS plane, helicopters and nations that we can encounter in realistic battle?

As you probably know, helicopters and planes are very problematic in RB, even real cancers which completely ruin the games. Would it be possible to offer the player an option to choose between the current RBs and the RBs without planes and helicopters? The goal here is to find more balanced games with only tanks. After all, there’s no AA in airplane mode, right?

I have a second question which concerns nations. As you know, certain nations are far superior to others depending on the periods. Would it be possible, when choosing the mode, to also choose one or more nations that we do not wish to meet?


the more we talk about it, the sooner Gaijin will do something :)

Otherwise, many of us are talking about it, there is probably a problem, right?

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Lol if you knew the number of topics on this subject. Probably several hundred.
Mixed combat IS war thunder, no offense to some


No, its not many of you. Most players have a lineup with CAS. Its just the loud vocal minority.

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Yes and it would be entertaining for all involved if there wasn’t such a large disparity between the three

Oh look another crayon-muncher that doesn’t understand that people can use CAS and also have problems with it.

Its just the loud vocal minority.


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Every day another thread. I dont know but i havent died to plane or heli for ages. Literally over a week,unless i count dying to plane when i was in plane.

If in my anecdotal experience which I have provided no proof of, X thing didn’t happen to me then X thing is not a problem.

Very high IQ move.

My proof is that it’s the same 15 people making these threads in a game where more than 100,000 people play it.

My proof is that it’s the same 15 people making these threads

Why would you lie on a forum where we are able to search up this information because it is right here? There is usually a new topic or more daily on this matter and it is very rarely someone who had already made one on it.
Are you intentionally trying to discredit yourself with blatant lies?

100,000 people play it.

Are you presuming to speak for this portion of over 100,000 players? Do you have written proof that you are the arbiter of their wishes and opinions?


Rememer, the best kind of a gameplay is that where even when You are the best in game and no enemy can kill You while using tank, he can just jump into air and kill You without You being able to do anything about it.


So it should be easy to point out the same people doing the same threads by just posting their accounts as it can be seen on their profile what kind of topics they made ;)

In contrast, I have noticed new people creating new threads and being silenced by the same people with the same arguments that were already debunked ages ago.


While CAS is enabled you should be enabled to first spawn as fighters to intercept CAS.

Which would only make things worse for open tops and many more vechicles which can be penned even when using anti-air belts.

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They can first spawn fighters to kill the enemy fighters to prevent said issue then.

Gaijin could also program a role which if spawned as disabled ground damage, but this would require more effort than the original suggestion.

Simply spawn a plane as is the present counter.

If the team was not made on random and had slots for roles, then it would work.

If planes were now enabled to spawn first, then You would see matches where most of the people would only use planes and destroy ground targets. You would just make things worse.


Then spawn planes to stop the planes from destroying ground targets.

You would also be able to first spawn SPAA as you can do now to counter this problem.

The problem is already in the game, this just adds a direct counter towards CAS.

It doesn’t add any counters.

Now You can spawn in a plane just after capping a zone with reserve tank, so You can already do it.

By adding a first spawn to planes, You would encounter them from the beginning, can’t imagine how You would enjoy gameplay where Your team didn’t have enough planes to take out enemy air and You would die or get crippled by a plane. People who play open-tops or other vechicles with weak armor would enjoy it.

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Planes are the most effective counter against CAS by both real world design and ingame design stating otherwise is a denying reality.