CAS, Heli and Nations in RB

You can be in a plane within 30 seconds of the game start already.

You advocate for the illusion of a ground only game mode, the first ~60 seconds

Why bother with the illusion?

Start the game as a mixed battle and let it counter itself.

As I was saying, it only makes things worse for ground units.


And get no ground gameplay? Ok, I can hope into air mode for that.

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Directly countering CAS would not make things worse for ground units, it would give them a fighting chance.

Again, it would only work if both teams had ‘roles’ that everyone would fit into.

Otherwise You can get 16 planes vs 16 ground units which can’t do anything about them.

You can choose to not play as SPAA as it is now. I fail to see an additional problem.

And You can’t grasp how the team being made on random makes things bad atm?


This debate is already going on on another thread.I don’t really want to keep repeating myself and Im sure others dont.

Back when I was anti CAS I sided with a number of people who said they didn’t want CAS .I ran a poll on the matter and there were few takers.Nobody willing to bother voting.I bet if I ran another it would be the same.

There’s a lot of issues with the game currently.

CAS is by far and large the major issue with top tier ground at present.

It is really entertaining to see you people jumping from “how is this a ground mode if everybody are bringing planes”, “Im being constantly bombed”, “everytime you kill somebody, you get revengebombed” to “majority wants tank only mode” depending on situation. So tell me, are we playing with whole bunch of chaotic hipocrites or you are just an “oppressed” minority that doesnt seem to understand that the game wont remove its core features just to appease you.

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Look, it’s yet another crayon muncher that cannot comprehend the notion that someone can both use CAS and state that it is problematic and needs changed. Bonus points for the yet unsubstantiated claim that people who do not approve of CAS as it is are the minority and making up fictious arguments that people did not make in this thread to attack.

Since we’re just spinning dicks here, here is a poll from a prominent war thunder content creator that has approx 40,000 votes with over 30,000 of the responses being that they would either want a game mode free of CAS or have it remain as is but CAS be reworked.

DOLLARplays - YouTube

Now go on to tell us all how this poll is super biased so it doesn’t count and that the 30,000+ people who voted against CAS don’t count because it doesn’t fit with your false narrative and how your word is obviously a better source as a barometer of general opinion.

This re-run is old, CAS is overpowered and will remain that way because gaijin has a monetary reason to do so. There is no financial incentive in their mind to change things and that is the bottom line.


Then don’t first spawn the open-tops. Open-tops are supposed to have a weakness, which is gun-running CAS compared to other tanks in the game, or are they supposed to have all the benefits and none of the disadvantages?

Sorry but if You need CAS in order to deal with open-tops that can be destroyed by single HE because of overpressure, that is a skill issue.

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But also remember, the game is DESIGNED that way to encourage those low levels to buy premiums, and we can’t have gaijins revenue stream affected /s

And no one wants anything to be removed really, rather just things to get added, like a mode for ground units.


Then the solution is to lower the BR of open-tops as their disadvantage is that they are also easily killed by CAS to account for that.

So all open-tops to 1.0?

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Whatever BR that makes them slightly better than their counterparts to account for CAS

But if planes start from the beginning, then all open tops will suffer no matter the B.R.

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Ah yes, a Dicker Max has all the advantages over other types of units. It’s not like it’s slow, turretless, unarmoured and without machine guns (i.e. sacrificing literally everything else for firepower).

Gun-focused open tops only work at a BR where the gun actually matters (i.e. where you meet heavy armour you would otherwise struggle to take out). If you’re just facing stuarts and T-26 there is no reason to accept a tradeoff where you give up every other functionality in exchange for 187mm of pen.