CAS does not spawn in weapons range but SPAA does

CAS spawns outside of lock range but SPAA can lock as soon as CAS is spawned. This applies to both drones and jets.

This is not logical and should be changed by either moving spawns back or bringing them forward.

Yeah, give to the CAS more power for kill ground forces… And the case when a SPAA spawn when CAS are already on the field and are destroyed after 20s.

It is a team play if someone come in battle with AA and can cover his team.


CAS can not be spawned first spawn. SPAA can. If you’re spawning SPAA 10 minutes in to the match you should be aware there will be CAS in the air. CAS also does not have spawn protection. SPAA does, a whole 20 seconds if they don’t move.

The only CAS which is overpowered is the A-10 and SU-25k at 10.0 which are immune to SAMs if the pilot knows what they’re doing. It’s unlikely Gaijin will adjust their BR to 10.3 where it should be as that would prevent $60 purchases from new players who want to play the American / Russian 10.0 lineups.


Not only that CAS planes but all CAS planes … If the pilots knows what they’re doing…

They have more time than ground vehicle invulnerability during the flight of the missile. And planes can evade the missile, a ground vehicle have leeeeeeeeees chances to avoid a guided bomb or missile.

Maybe a solution can be only spawn planes on the airfield and not in the air.


You do have the option to spawn on the Airfield, take off, and maintain low alt till your ready to engage. Enemy SAM will not know you even flying since they won’t see you spawning in the AF…unless you gave yourself out by flying a bit too high. Solution already there, just need to see the options given. “Air Spawn or Airfield Spawn”. Something I started doing since the Pantsir-S1 keeps shooting me down 5 seconds after i spawned in the air. Hate that thing, wasn’t needed in game…yet. As for the drones, its just tough luck.

my dude, you’re saying that a 75 spawn points SPAA that can obliterate any plane the moment it spawns, which by the way, costs between 700-1000 spawn points to play with a decent payload is fair?

At the condition of the player with SPAA know playing with his vehicle …

And with 3 aerial vehicles in same time, the SPAA die fast …

A Pantsir has a 9 meter proximity fuse. Ground render distance is 14KM, the Pantsir’s range is 18KM. No plane is immune to SPAA after 11.7

The A-10 and SU-25K are effectively immune to IR ground based missiles while their counter measures are active, of which both have 300

They also are both able to effectively engage from 3KM away meaning they’re outside gun range for direct fire

While you have countermeasures active, and assuming you’re at least 3KM away, you are immune to SPAA at 10.0

Should you remain in your spawn making spotting you easy yes if there are 3 planes all specifically gunning for you. It’s unlikely to be in that situation with such a high level of coordination though and the same can be said of flying CAS. If you want to discuss balance stay with one on one comparisons.

Or the spawns can be moved farther out.

Or the spawns can be brought forward so both the SPAA and the CAS have equal shooting opportunity.

Force spawning on the airfield would be an interesting nerf to CAS at all BR ranges to slow down CAS onslaught.

I mean I get what your saying but it’s not ideal. If you performing CAS and a SPAA suddenly spawns as you dive for a strike, but you can’t hurt the SPAA then that’s just an unlucky moment. Tankers were given spawn protection a long time ago to give the spawn camping bullies a harder time. Take a few with me before they destroy me after I spawned. Nothing we can do here with SPAAs, they are working fine. Besides, guns need aiming skills, there are many that struggle to lead the shots.

However, when it comes to long range SAM such as the Pantsir-S1…then you can make that argument work. SPAA are fine, SAMs are the issue and even a heli that managed it way to jet spawn ready to fire AA missiles an issue, basically spawn camping. So spawn in heli, 1 to 5 seconds in, pantsir-S1 or a spawn camping heli behind the helipad already destroyed me, i never left the helipad. 8 seconds in the air with F-16 or whatever plane or drone, Pantsir-S1 or spawn camping heli already destroyed me. So here is a better and more simple idea or suggestion that makes sense to do for balance besides spawning in AF or moving spawn closer or further for top tier ONLY. Give air vehicles a 10 second window of spawn protection or same time tankers are given so they can do their part and play fair against long range SAM. Maybe one day the devs can implement this when there are more long range SAM like the pantsir-S1 for balancing.

One thing for sure, top tier playstyle are different compared to 8.0Br and below. SAM, AGMs, smart bombs etc…is game changing so different balancing rules should be applied that makes no sense to do in low/mid/late mid tier but makes perfect sense in top tier. As for now all we can do is spawn in the AF to avoid such spawn camping. Hope this helps.

I think it’s a great idea, especially in light of recent changes to SAM control modes.

Remove the air spawn of CAS and let them start from the airfield.
Move the airfield further back depending on BR and aircraft type.

Bombers should be furthest away, as they would not be stationed close to battlefields. Strike aircraft the closest and fighters in between.

For Ground RB in higher BR the airfields should be at least as far away as the new ARB maps distance between airfield and bomb points.

Helicopters could stay closer, but should get some form of makeshift airfield…

If you make people fly at least 2 minutes before they even get into weapon range you would also get a lot less of the revenge bombing.

Something worth to think about.

The thing about CAS is that people hate it or love it. I don’t mind the airplanes coming in sonce they are a part of the game that makes it unique and makes us able to add alot of variety of vehicles. ButbI do think that high BR CAS is struggling due to not having any counters to long range SAMs. I hope we see anti radiation missiles soon so that we get a little more tactics from both sides.


That a up in the same time: SPAA can’t see directly if a plane spawn. And the plane have more options for coming on the battlefield (stay at low altitude or take distance and climb more far.

Erm, no.

It is currently the exact opposite.

SAMs have received a new control mode for the missiles which makes it extremely difficult to even hit a stationary target. Its a complete mess in high/top tier at the moment.