CAS does not belong in a GROUND RB match

Ground RB should be renamed Mixed Battles and a new seperate gamemode named Tank RB should be created. What is wrong about people being able to choose whether to play with or without CAS? It’s laughable how easy it is to spawn CAS. Look at this guy for example:

He died 3 times and only got 1 kill and a few assists and it was enough to spawn a plane. Almost all CAS players are revenge and/or suicide bombers and of course he is too.

War Thunder 12.03.2024 17_45_51 1
War Thunder 12.03.2024 17_45_51 2
War Thunder 12.03.2024 17_46_01
War Thunder 12.03.2024 17_45_14 1




There will never be enough complaining about this issue until it’s fixed.

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Yeah … here we go again. Just my stand … TO-Mode yes please! Then we can finally get rid of those threads every day.

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I say make a tank only mode, then add a full combined arms mode with naval included.


Tanks ruins my SAM gameplay experience!
I demand game mode without tanks!


I don’t see the problem

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If planes can be in Ground RB why can’t ships and long range AA be in Air RB?

i should be able to spawn a pantisr in air rb then


weekly cas in GRB complain post


And your about the millionth person who has said that.

you lost a possible nuke to something you could do nothing about.

warthunder cat

Why are air vehicles dominating ground battles?


I agree but let’s not get to Hasty on the 91. My boy got hella nerfed.

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Allways fun to die to something with 0 counterplay possible

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fair, it’s a shame this is such a prolonged issue it’s brought up at least once a week in the forums

Gaijin be Gaijin I guess…

Mainly PTSD from when it was stronger but you’re right let me fix that.

I wish I had a key board so I could use nords well, especially when they were super strong.