CAS and Helicopters vs SPAA

Just played a 9.7 game vs a German Hind, which could sit back and spam Shturm’s with impunity. The only 9.7 rated AA in the game belongs to Germany and Italy (and I’m not even sure if they Mistral can engage at Shturm ranges), so we had nothing to even threaten it. The only other SPAA I can think of that might be able to engage at the same stand-off range is the Strela-10M2, and we didn’t have a single one as all our Soviet players were at 8.7 or 9.0.

There’s always a guaranteed top tier tank on either side, but why isn’t it the same for CAS/Helos and SPAA?

Also, why is it that CAS/Helos can RTB to repair, refuel and rearm safe away from SPAA, but SPAA (and tanks) can’t do the same? Ground forces should be able to do the same outside from cap zones. Caps are always highly contested and act as a giant ‘shoot here’ target for CAS, especially in single point modes.

Simply put, CAS and Helicopters should not be put into games where they’re the highest ranked vehicles and there is NO SPAA of equal BR. Ground forces need FOB’s or zones where they can repair and rearm that aren’t cap points.

Rant over.


Sorry, I know It’s not the point but strela can’t engage hind at all. Even normal heli has to be under 1.2km. No way it can kill a hind with IRCM and HIRSS

Please tell me how a Shilka is supposed to engage a Hind armed with Shturms at 4km?


Ah I wasn’t aware of that, limited knowledge of high tier.

What SPAA at 9.7 and below can engage helos at 4km?

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Theres no SPAA can engage at 4km. But some non-SPAA vehicles like begleitpanzer and Shturm-s can have some chance

you lock it and shoot at it that easy. If you lack the skill use a plane it realy is that easy. Another option you play russia bmp and t64 rockets can reach it as well

he is talking about hovering helicopters that shoot atgms with worse zoom and manual guidance, most cannon spaas all can reach it like the oerlikons

the g lynx is a way worse problem because it gets hellfires at 10.0 with laser lock and better zoom etc

Sorry I didn’t realise the limits of physics was a skill issue. Mb.


gotta shoot higher so that the bullets drop, increases range you know

That’s quite limited to low skill hinds only. when I’m using Mi-24V I can dodge gepards easily while killing them with ease.

start spraying, the bullets will cause them to veer away from attack profiles

if those guys shoot at 4-5km it is deserved if they dodge at the same time, since that realy needs quite a bit of skill with the hind, it realy is the lesser problem of helicopters compared to the G-lynx that i already mentioned with only 0.3 higher br.

Besides that i gave him alternative solutions, spawn a plane, use bmp 3 , t64a with missles, not sure if bmp3 might have had optical tracking as well

Just remember this is all the MI 24 sees at 4.8km


I know that already. I’ve played 389 RB battles and have K/D close to 2 in Mi-24V. And I still consider it being problematic. Yeah sure lynx is broken as hell but this still remain as problem that SPAA can just be use less and planes can be countered too with 2xR-60M + high rate 12.7mm in close range.

Do Shilka/Yansei rounds even reach 4km? The radar doesn’t provide any tracking at the range, I was under the impression the rounds fissile out of existence at a certain range.

I was playing 8.7. I can’t pull a BMP-3 out of thin air sadly.

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some HE rounds are programmed to explode at a certain distance, i am not sure if that is the case for the shilka you have to switch to the ap rounds in those cases

with as full br increase anyone will meet those problems, that isnt restricted to the MI 24, but like i said still the possibility to just take a plane. Or if the enemy is hovering you can use the T-55AMD-1 laserrange finder as well and shoot the enemy down with main caliber rounds or the already mentioned atgm

Iirc shilka rounds don’t explode after reaching a certain distance.

They just kind of fall out of the sky…

Yeah I had a go with the BMP-1P Konkurs and the T-55AMD-1 with the LRF, that’s how I found out the engagement range.

I just think it’s unfair how the CAS SPAA BR balance isn’t subject to the same regulations that the ground forces are.

(Plus please give ground forces some sort of FOB)