Carriers in Air RB and other issues

So for patch 2.01 gaijin added Modern carriers, and more recently they added/updated the ww2 carriers iirc.

This leaves me wondering, why did they do this? There are no jet maps currently with carriers at all, limiting the modern carriers to custom battles or other gamemodes, perhaps sim. They certainly didn’t remodel and add these carriers just for sim’s sake.

Basically what I’m getting at is, can we add carriers and carrier takeoffs back to air RB? Why was this removed? Furthermore, why were 75% of the map pool removed? Gaijin themselves have said there are only 10 maps in current rotation for top tier jets for instance. Why do we not have more? The same is true for lower BR jets or even props. Only like ~10-20% of the map pool seems to be in play in ARB/GRB.

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I usually play Gen’1 jets but, we should be able to get maps such as Preparation for landing on Hokkaido that can takeoff from aircraft carrier when you brought naval aircrafts. To begin with, the current 8.0-9.0BR map rotation is just boring.

Agreed and even in gamemodes where they are common. Like asb, they are buggy as hell