Care to explain?

Ok Gayjin, where did the AAs operators go ? Why are airports left unprotected now ? The guy stayed over a minute around the airport and didn’t even get hit by those useless AAs, are you even thinking sometimes ?

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There are 2 airfields now. A closer one without aa and the main one you spawn at the start. It looks like you’re at the new closer one without aa.

Buy some eyes and look at the minimap so you can see AAs are there, therefore that’s not this useless airfield. Thank you.

I think mid-field AA got all their ammo because I got chewed up in an IL-2 this morning.

You’ve gotta let the on-duty admin has his fun and play with the game server settings. /s

Once again, not midfield this is the main airport

It comes back 10.3+

I play all the time 10.3 - 10.7 and the protection is hopeless, I managed to land several times but 2 planes simply circled next to me and did not take any damage, which prevented me from taking off. So I guess this protection is a bit pointless. I have also attacked planes at enemy airports without any problems many times. I’m not talking about auxiliary airports, but main ones.

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Yes the main airport at the 10.3 range has VEAKs and Rolands protecting it I’ve managed to die twice trying to strafe a guy on the runway in two separate matches

Either they should strengthen this protection so that it makes any sense, or they should abolish it completely. Currently, it creates the appearance of “security” while posing almost no threat. If I know I can go back, repair myself, replenish ammo and take off normally, I will fight again, if this protection is only supposed to be apparent, I might as well just hit the ground or press J and move on to the next battle.

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I agree there should be some level of protection to allow refueling / rearming and if it is going to be implemented it should be consistent so players are not confused by it.

It was a joke. The airfield AA got nerfed (turned off) but the mid field AA got a buff and is dangerous again.

Dude there’s litterally NO AA on midfields, at 10.0 at least. So just, HOW ?

You know there are BR’s below 10.0 right? Other BRs are also effected.
Turn up your sense of humor or get a better translator program.

If that is how upset you are about it, you should probably find something else to do before you are the one to get the cancer…

you deserve no protection (and / or fun) for insulting the devs by misspelling their name (on purpose most likely even)

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I paid for some things ingame, therefore helping them running that business. I deserve respect AND answers, and since they do not respect me I won’t respect them either. That’s how the world works.

Good riddance