Can't machine gun bushes

Disable bushes until they have been reworked to follow physics and have hitboxes consistent with their model.

If only there were a way to report this appropriately, instead of calling for them to be removed because you obviously had issues with them prior to the changes…

(Flagging this, doesn’t change the truth…)


This isn’t a bug. They haven’t given bushes large models like other decorations. This is an intentional design choice. I disagree with it.

It could easily be a bug if you’re hitting them and they aren’t falling off… Maybe the hitbox isn’t big enough or detailed enough to make them drop properly.

Calling for them to be removed entirely is also a silly want, which is solely born on the back of the inability to handle a feature, which is a commonality of ‘suggestions’ here.

(Flagging this, doesn’t change the truth…)

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Yes a “feature”, being able to purchase the ability to stop accurate fire on tank weakspots. “feature”

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See, your true issue is showing… You don’t like them in the first place, and any reason you can find will be a reason for proposing thier removal.


The Problem is not bushes not getting flattened by machine gun fire.
That would also hard in real life.

The Problem is that these bushes just keep standing there when you roll over them. Well no, these Ghost bushes just go through you.
And we know that others dont, so that seems deliberate.
This is moronic in a “realistic” game.

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What’s there to like about bushes? They’re unrealistic, they’re illogical(the fact that you can aim while covering your tank with bushes is dumb)

If we’ve bushes for tanks, why no camo nets for SPAA? :P

So many pictures of actual tanks, with bushes on them disagrees with that.

And if you want ‘camo nets’ for your SPAA, I just make a hat out of my bushes.

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thing is the bushes there are so placed that the optics are visible so you can still aim, here ? you put them everywhere to hide it

It stops you putting them on certain spots, so it’s not a factor with anything to do with the thread being that the OP can’t MG them off.

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I have never stated otherwise that I didn’t like them. The current update promised the ability to shoot them off with machine guns but did not model the hitbox large enough to allow you to do so unlike other decorations. This is a design choice that was done to still provide value to the decoration to be used as a “pay for advantage”. No I do not like that someone can swipe a credit card and have more effective armor. That is why I play War Thunder, not World of Tanks.

Yet it doesn’t restrict placement to flat parts of the tank allowing you to place them vertically circumventing these restrictions. If you’re going to post in this thread why aren’t you knowledgeable on what you are commenting about?

Placing tree branches across a vehicle in a static position doesn’t allow you to move at 50KM/H and make rapid turns. They would fall off. This is before noting that blocking optics is a thing IRL yet War Thunder doesn’t model this in GRB, only simulator.

Bushes in War Thunder are almost never used for their real life reason, that being camouflage. I don’t care about an ASU-57 with bushes, those are entertaining to kill. I care that a Panther D has splayed bushes across its cheeks making me unable to see its weakspot so that I can penetrate it. This isn’t realistic, if the turret turned the bushes IRL would be knocked off.

Gaijin’s system for placing bushes is a problem, yes. They also have failed to allow a sizeable hitbox to make their new feature functioning. This leaves bushes in the same position they were before. It is unbalanced and a pay to win advantage. I do not like it. I do not want to play a mobile game. I want to play War Thunder.

Well IRL you can cut holes or bend the camo around apertures etc. So there has to be some accommodation for the game simplification.

As for the OP; MG fire shouldn’t really remove netting and bushes, it should take blast effects, or flash/fire.
BTW has anyone tested how the bushes and decorations react to flamethrower yet?

Me and my hot glue gun says it will stay on at even greater speed.


IRL you can’t intentionally hit “weak spots” with actual guns due to dispersion, parallex, and boresight zero loss, etc. That is totally a game thing. And as a game thing, if you see a bushed up tank, just shoot its gun muzzle and then pick it apart off the kill cam.

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IRL a round hitting a tank has a concussive effect.

There’s lots of things I’d like to see modeled.

Bushes being modeled ingame behind a pay wall isn’t a fulfilling mechanic.

The turret rotating would crush bushes placed flat upwards hiding the turret cheek.

Yeah, but its highly profitable for Gaijin… lol.