Can't machine gun bushes

It is not behind a paywall, you can get bushes entirely free to play, as i have

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I too would like conformal bushes that would make the tanks even more hidden, but alas we do not have that in game

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Gacha rolls after 3 months of grind isn’t comparable.

It is for the majority of players who can’t/don’t have time to grind out the battlepass shop and pay for them with time.

Having them available in the warbond store every other BP alternating between road signs and bushes is pretty decent as far as the grind goes. Its not fast but neither is squadron vehicles.

If you want to skip the grind you are free to pay to do so. But they are not behind a paywall.

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They are behind the highest tier of shop level which requires an abnormal amount of play and focused grinding of the challenges.

It is not a comparable system.

Grinding a tank =/= A gacha roll for a bush

You are guaranteed a bush. And im comparing the time to obtain and its slow for both.

They are Shop level 5, so its not the highest shop level which is 6.

It is a not easy but entirely doable level for dedicated people. I do not see the issue of items requiring some dedication to obtain.

“a bush” which may or may not cover as much as a bush you could specifically choose elsewise

Dedicating your grind to a gacha roll is a feature of many mobile games. I do not want to play a mobile game. I want to play War Thunder.

Then don’t grind the bush. There are many things hidden behind grinds that require a lot of dedication, if you do not want to then don’t. But in the case of bushes the grind is entirely achievable and not behind a paywall

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“a bush”

Not a bush which covers weakspots. Any bush including the spotted ones.

A gacha roll for “a bush” is not something I consider a fulfilling mechanic.

If your argument is that War Thunder should have more mobile game mechanics then you and I are at a serious impasse.

If you want any 3D cosmetic pieces they will inevitably cover weakspots. Deal with it.

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Do I want arbitrary decorations which are behind a pay wall / gacha roll? No, that is not something I want.

Gaijin isn’t going to remove the ability to purchase bushes. The recent community backlash provoked them to finally implementing destructible decorations. They have not modeled bushes as completely as other decorations. As this is a new mechanic it’s excusable but it shouldn’t be left as it is.

Yes bushes should be as destructible.

But to bring substance to your OP, you should probably get some footage demonstrating the hitbox is too small

That is disingenuous and you know it. Like many things in Gaijin and other “free to pay” games, valuable items/goals are places so far out of reach of most players that the only practical way to obtain them is to pay. Entirely by design.

Yes. Id complain if the grind was actually out of reach, but it this case its not really. Its just like most games where certain things require dedication to get.

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“Dedication” in this case meaning “no life”. lol.

Which you also need to leave free here if you play SB. That’s how I do it. Gunner always unobstructed.

You actually can’t. There are many spots where you’re not allowed to place bushes. One example is where spare tracks are located on the hull or turret.

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you can still cover mostly of the tank or hull/turret if you really want to