Can't Login

Why Can’t I login? like i spent so much time on my account i almost finished china. Is there a posible way i can get back on my account?

We need more information + war thunder support

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So I can play on my account and i wanna know why and can i get on my account and play because i spent way too much time on my account this is my main pc account i also have 2 Xbox accounts but i don’t wanna play on those accounts i have nothing i wanna play on my Pc account. Is there a way where this can be fixed i know I’m in the wrong but i should get a second chance there’s times where this game make me wanna kill myself but i push through it because this community is great you ladies and gentlemen can keep me chat banned but please just let me play on my account please. Like look at my account i spent a lot of time on China i almost have it finished so please let play on my account please help me im bout to lose my mind

We need information as to what the problem is, just saying you can’t log on is nothing to us, and you need to contact war thunder support to have any chance of retaining your account

i might be perm banned i just wanna play on my account they can completely remove chat from me but all i want to do is play on my account

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Ok well I can’t help you without information, so contact gaijin support

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i just did this im waiting

Then I wish you luck



You’ve been banned

So either

  1. You purchased something and did a chargeback which isn’t allowed. Contact support on how to correct
  2. You cheated/botted, which is byebye
  3. You tried to sell your account, which is byebye
  4. You bought your current account, which is byebye
  5. You managed to buy stuff from the store using a friend in a low cost country (f.e. Turkey) thinking it’s much cheaper there, which is byebye
  6. You got banned for in game behavior many many times and didn’t learn, which again is byebye

If it’s not number 1, very little chance you get your account back. But you know, probably this is the reason so - your account is likely byebye.

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so you telling me the money i put on the game im not getting back

You mean the lease you paid to play certain digital content under the conditions you agreed on? Yes, that’s all gone. You don’t own any of the stuff you paid for in WT (or any other game for that matter).

Whatever the case, you’ll have to pick this up with Gaijin directly…

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Glad someone knows their stuff! ^^

And yes and its been mentioned, contact Support…

As some of us have warned you previously… you really should have read the rules EULA / ToS that you signed and agreed to…

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