Game Chat Ban Appeal

I’m getting chat banned because I’m selling an account i just now notice that was bad but hear me out i was helping someone get top tier jets on their account but they was going to pay me for it but they still haven’t paid me yet i had 30 premium time on my account he said he would play on it so it wouldn’t go to waste but they didn’t they tried to use me so i wanted to sell their account so i can get more premium time because of their actions I’m sorry and it wont happen again. I was just mad and its my first time getting banned for something like this please help thank you very much

all you can do is wait bro

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how long do this usually take i never gotten chat banned on here before

lol . . I would strongly suggest that you take a minute, READ the Game Rules before you ever post anything here on the Forum or in game again. This post is a great example of “Shooting one’s self in the foot” . . . a couple of times even. Nearly everything you said is against the Game Rules . . .

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It will say in the message when you log on. The punishment and reason for it, then the time left, will be displayed.

either 1 months either 2 either more

You should have gotten a msg when you logged in stating why & for how long you have been banned. But again, I strongly urge that you read the Game Rules, in there it tells the procedure/protocol if you have nay questions about a punishment. Contact a Game Master via private msg here in the Forum and ask them why & for how long you have been punished . . but again . . go read the Rules

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Everyone “has read” the EULA / ToS that they have signed to play… right ?!?

As its been mentioned… pretty much everything that was said in the OP has broken the EULA / ToS that you have signed and agreed with when you signed up to play the game…

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