Cannon Hien is painful to play stock

It’s not necessarily fast, nor does it’s a very good turner, at it’s BR we have a lot of things that goes faster, turn better, or hold energy better, it’s engine is a 3.3 engine whilst the addition of 2 underperforming 20mm (Any cannon basically but who’s counting) doesn’t help it case at all, Hien KAId (below the first tier 3 Hien) is the only Hien that you can reliably call useful because it got airspawn, and it’s still feels bad because you’re too slow to get anywhere near them.

Do other nation main really don’t understand the Climb - Turn - Acceleration trifecta and maximizing your advantage over the enemy that is better than you in one or two point in said trifecta? does it really deserve 4.3? Ho-5 is so bad right now it’s practically a distasteful humour against cannon nations where AN/M2 just absolutely cooks enemy fuselage even if it wasn’t made out of Magnesium or Wood.

I take back my word, Japan cannon fucking sparks now, shoots API-AP-HEF rounds and everything just fucking sparks.