Cancel spy vehicles in real mode

In the current real mode, NATO can use Warsaw Pact vehicles, Warsaw Pact can use NATO vehicles, and there is also team damage, which is absurd. Vehicles from different countries in a camp should be distinguished in real mode

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That sherman’s a bloody spy!


Translation for anyone who was confused:

“In simulator battles, people can use “captured” or “lend leased” vehicles that blend in with the opposite team and cause problems. They should be distinguishable.”


Well… they are. Simulator battles are for “advanced” players who already understand differences between nations and their vehicles.

Most “captured” or “lend lease” vehicles have distinctive features that differentiate them from “originals” - let it be markings, camouflage or more “visible” changes such as a different barrel or commander’s machine gun (like on Israeli T-54 variant). I usually check nations I play with and against at start of the match to determine if “spies” are possible and what kind of vehicles to expect - but as said, that requires extensive knowledge of the nations.

You can also use binoculars to confirm if it’s a friendly or not if there is time - go into binocs view and check distance to target, it also checks if there are friendlies in position or not.

It becomes a bit harder with airplanes since you can’t really approach close enough to check their markings, it becomes most annoying in top tier jets, because IFF is not always working properly (hence I managed to tk a few teammates in BVR combat as they displayed as “enemies” on radar), but if you are playing lower BRs, you can try to actually judge by their intents and direction they come from.


AFAIK these vehicles have different camo for this exact reason

Dozens that aren’t, plus people just put decals over ID marking anyway and change paint so you cant ID

can be changed and markings can be wrote over unfortunately

Please provide me an example of a ground vehicle IDENTICAL in two tech trees that play against each other in simulator battles.

True, but the camouflage pattern or color does not change, neither are other distinctive features removed.

Camouflage patterns are unique for each country, they are rather easy to learn after several battles in given BR. Same goes for your own vehicles - you can’t have american camouflage pattern over chinese vehicles and vice versa.

Now, what you left over is the feature of checking for teammates using binoculars - if there is time, it does not hurt to make sure you are shooting a foe, not a friend.

Another thing people rarely do is checking the scoreboard for what vehicles your team actually uses, which means if you play americans, but noone is playing M60 at the given time, then the M60 you see is certainly not american one.

I make mistakes myself in simulator battles, especially when I destroy a tank that’s also possible in my team and another tank which is shared between both teams rides right after it (in this case - friendly was flanking enemy), but whenever you have friendly fire mode enabled, you cannot eliminate such incidents completely.

That’s of the fun part of sim. I really love to blend with the enemy team using shermans.

It’s really hard to differentiate them in low BR. Some shermans are almost identical.

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This is true but what bugs me is that we have Warsaw Pact nations in the game that currently play on the side of NATO in SB when they should be allied with USSR/China

Do you mean Finland, Hungary and so on? These are sub-nations, but I agree, those playlists should also consider subtrees and force taking one-side setups. Not talking about captured vehicles such as Tirans, but strictly about subtree vehicles.

Bro… they all differ in camo. Italian shermans / m18 are light olive green, japanese have similar colour but more “rotten” green, while american one is what I would describe as base olive green. Yes, you can differentiate them.

No, do I need to say anything else? You already face the fact that “your team-mates are just enemies in blue” fact. The amounts of time’s I’ve been TK’d in the T-80U Sweden, even with flags posted on front and back is funny. Don’t truely see the issue, because friendly fire is on. If you die to the Erstaz M10 though, that just deserves a good laugh. Too bad Simulator battles aren’t actually simulator battles with multiple people in a crew, in a tank, from interior positions, with realistic interiors, and realistic controls.

It’s great because anyone who hasn’t experienced the IFF bug just shames you and says it is impossible.

Cost me quite a bit so far.

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Sweden and USSR
identical enough that its almost impossible to see the difference at distance over 500m or in a quick around the corner CQB battle.

Sweden, italy and USSR (China WZ305)
there is no way to differentiate these at distance or quick CQB. almost not even in a slow fight either.

In a modern ironical explaination of an Chinese saying
What Sherman is “Several Nation’'s sex slave”

Forgot totally about this abomination as I simply don’t play top tier ground sim… you’re right on this one, they are identical, but they are an exception.

Oh come on… they differ in green shade enough to differntiate them. If I recall well (correct me on this one) then Finnish ZSU has the roundel. WZ305 has different undercarriage to ZSU-57-2.

Finnish/Israeli ZSU is rotten greenish, Hungarian is darker green while Russian is typical soviet green.

When it comes to distance - BINOCULARS feature of finding enemies helps, unless it shoots at you then just shoot back.

By talking about BINOCULARS FEATURE I’m refering not to visually checking the enemy, but via measuring distance it also checks automatically if it’s enemy or not (shows above/below measured distance marker, can’t remember). Literally, it’s that easy to simply check before shooting random guy.

In air simulator battles, I pretty much spam T-4-1 to mark my position in order to avoid getting teamkilled and as so, I require others to follow the suite. If I mark someone’s supposed position and they don’t respond, I usually shoot. Fortunately it became sort of unwritten rule to T-4-1 so most players are aware (at least whom I met). That also works in tank battles by the way, but is way less common.

Yeah sure, they have different greens. but i don’t think anyone can differentiate the colors if they are behind a bush, if they are in shadow, in or around smokes or if you are in a jet at 5km altitude.
The roundel on finish version helps yes, but only from the sides, head on its only color that is different.

if you are using thermals (thermals not applying to this specific example but more in general at top tier) then colors won’t matter at all and the only thing you have to go on is shape.

sure, this works if you are not spotted by them and have the time but its not always you have the time for this and its not always working (specifically if they are behind bushes it often wont trigger the IFF of the rangefinder).

this. yes. absolutely. but people are still people, you know. :)

Can agree to that, if team does not cooperate and uses other side’s vehicles, unfortunately teamkills will happen.

Regarding planes or helicopters in GSB - I’m trying to be very careful with them, I usually check which side is our spawn, which side is enemy spawn and drop on guys shooting towards my teams spawn, works most times. If I am not sure, I just don’t drop :p Much easier with helicopters, much easier talking than doing in aircraft, but still possible.

That may be fun for you but its the extremely frustrating part for some.