Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree

Wonderful idea, hope to see this in the game :3


No please, Canada doesn’t have to be in the USA, it’s not a minor nation who need more tanks

Please feel free to point them out if you find information on Canada using a vehicles that I’ve accidentally forgotten, I might just add another area for them below everything.

I’ve also read things on the Canadian Centurion SS.11 training but I do not have much information besides coming across a reference and a patch for it, as well when considering that I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. I tried to request the Centurion Manuals from the Department of Defence; Directorate of History and Heritage Archives, however they are still classed as Classified since UK has not given the OK for Canada to declassify them. (plus these may be generic manuals, I’m unsure if they were made specifically for Canada)


Wow this is really well made. I highly doubt Gaijin would do such a thing but as a Canadian i’m sure I speak for all Canadians when I say there needs to be more Canadian additions to the game. There’s already 4 Canadian vehicles 3 being premiums as far as I know but their all in different nations which is a huge slap the the face with the most you can have is the Skink and the Premium Qf 3.7 Ram which is really underwhelming. A full Canadian line-up is definitely in need not just for Canadian’s sake but also to show that these even existed, im sure some people don’t even know the Canadian’s had a tank.


If this does get added, It should be in the England/Commonwealth tech tree. It would be a huge piss off to see it get added to the American tech tree, as Canada is in the Commonwealth.

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