Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree

One or two trees have some existing lack of lineups, and I don’t bother playing them. BRs are fluid yes, I still just think Canada needs help for ground. I don’t want to be argumentative on this, I’m not saying I’m right, you’re wrong. But a tech tree with Australia and South Korea added would be really healthy. The more options the merrier right?

Australia/ANZAC I could see as a sub-tree. But SK no way in hell neither nation has the type of relation to do that.

Besides the aren’t any multinational trees just sub-trees. And that’s not looking to change anytime soon.

But Canada wouldn’t need that help it’s got a 5 lined tree up there. and no room for any other nation with this suggestion.

Yes, the relation is hard to justify. The only relation is that Canada and Australia/New Zealand were two of the larger contributors to aiding the South after USA and UK, and that in modern day Australia is starting to use some Korean military equipment.
I’m also just looking for a non-abrasive way to add South Korea. I don’t want to ever see another tech tree that starts at rank 4 or 5.

Canadian tech tree should be added to the USA tech tree

no independent or part of a commonwealth tree or the British tree


NO! I’ve gone over why far too many times.

A. ) the US has no room for a sub-tree nor need it.

B. ) Canada does not belong to the US. nor is there enough justification for it.
as the only American thing Canada uses is their planes everything else is domestic or some other nations. With all others were either bought for them by the British or built themselves under license.


I bet you just have these links ready on keybind lmao

properly got the whole response saved somewhere

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Discord. I’ve collected and saved the ones I think would be useful. and how they have been.

I started doing this haveing to use one like 3 times.


I could be missing it, but I believe the Sherman IB could be added, a 105mm Sherman which I know I read somewhere once Canada had used, but am now struggling to find it.

I found talk about The Sherman IB usage by Canada.
OntR Tanks of Second World War - The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum.
and Here:

True and there is also the DD tank (d-day Sherman)

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Then it must be part of the Commonwealth tree

Colony tree :/

It’s time to stop, a colony tree, really 🤣

That’s pretty much what a Commonwealth tree is is what I meant

There were also many other Sherman’s and other vehicles with modifications I could of included into my list, for example Sherman with the Anti Panzerfaust Armour

But I thought it would be better to possibly just add this particular mod as a modification instead of making a separate listing.

The thing with Canadian Prototype’s and WWII one-off and/or field mods is most of the time information or documentation that they were done is hidden within War Diaries and/or archived microfilm, and even when you find enough evidence 97% of the time the photos are stored separately and not attached to the original reports.

To that I also did not include many “named” tanks which I would be able to list for a long time if that was the case but I also could add some for filler if needed.

I also didn’t really include captured vehicles as I wasn’t able to find solid evidence of Canada directly testing/operating captured vehicles. I can find photos of vehicles Canada captured but I couldn’t find written evidence as to what came of the vehicle after.

For example:
Private A.W. Thornton and Captain D. French examining ‘Sherman’ tank reconditioned by the Wehrmacht, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 10 May 1945.
(My issues with this photo: I cannot find evidence on what happened to these tanks, and I’m unsure if either of these 2 individuals are Canadian. This photo comes from the Library and Archives Canada: Collection Search - [Private A.W. Thornton and Captain D. French examining 'Sherman' tank reconditioned by the Wehrmacht, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 10 May 1945.]


I know Canada has quite a number of unique vehicles that would be interesting to see but sadly there is not enough of them to fully justify this tech tree. A Canadian sub-tree would make a lot more sense because you wouldn’t need to add all those vehicles that are not unique in any way.

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If it was my country, I’d be extremely happy with having the “copy paste” vehicles in my country’s markings and representing my country in the game. But Canada does have enough unique content anyway imo.


I can understand that.

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