Can you get banned from skill issue false reports?

In this game and record where I shred 2 kids begging for a kill. I am already isolated since my team already got wiped mid-match, I am maximizing my SL/RP rewards by staying alive as much as possible or if I can land in the airfield resupply but no way I can do that in this kind of aircraft.

I popped random trash order to deny blind hunt twice to avoid a whole team get to me for while rest of 10mins. Hoping that they can see and defend myself me one-by-one. On their frustration they reported me, like 6 to 8 people in the opposing team.

My question is, will I get banned/suspended by continue playing what a bomber supposed to do?

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How do you know that? Trashtalking in chat about reporting and reporting are 2 different things. Also, nothing will happen to you if you drag a game all the way to the 25 min mark, using all the tools at your disposal.
Also, you can win tons of “lost” games by frustrating the other team and making them make mistakes. As long as it’s not agains the rules, you’re fine.

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No. The quality of reports are decisive, not the quantity. Btw one enemy response looks like a 7 day chat ban…

First of all Game Masters (responsible for bans) are players like you and me. So even if you will receive dozens of reports you have done nothing wrong, i mean you are not at 11 km alt on the edge of the maps – and just based on the timer you lost the match anyway.

Second - this passive behavior nonsense is imho a joke, mainly addressed by fighters either unwilling to climb or assuming that a bomber is a free kill - so mostly a skill issue like shown by those 2 guys tailchasing a bomber with 23mm defensive turrets…

I mean i watched recently a 109 af camping after 8 minutes - up to the full 25 minutes - so just relax mate!


damn what a severe skill issue, it’s a bomber with strong rearward defense, come hit it at it’s cockpit lmfao.