Can we stop throwing bones to air abusers in ground realistic?

Which post?

The top one. Where i started this thread with. Its hidden twice now. The bastards reported it for spam and advertisements. I hope a mod will unhide it. Such reports are obviously false. It just shows how far airplane fetishists shill for their planes. They even resort to false flagging on these forums.


I have fiagged it once… so simular topics get put in same thread. Nothing personal

Im not a CAS pro activist, i just cant keep up with all the threads going back and forth

Actually i flagged it for moderator attention, not for spam

You’re missing the point entirely. Youve come into this thread and immediately attacked OP with childish “cope” comments and you are just another one of those players who prefers aircraft (that’s fine) but want your categorically unfair advantage preserved because shooting fish in a barrel is fun to you.

I’m sick and tired of the “spawn a plane” argument when GROUND forces mode was added. premium GROUND VEHICLES are sold as packs. War Thunder added new modes to cater to new players. I am a tanker only, I do not enjoy aircraft in this game. So you’re saying that I should play an inferior tank game (WOT) because I don’t want to play aircraft?

Let’s be realistic and face the facts here. CAS abusers are highly emotional and they absolutely must protect their turkey shoot mechanic because they get a high from it. That’s fine. It’s ok, it’s understandable. But this is a PvP game with a Ground Forces mode advertised as a product and the solution to CAS spam is, are you ready? Sit down because this might be a shock to you my friend…

Ground Forces-specific aircraft BR / weapon balance.

Planes? Yes! But let’s remove the cheesy 3000lbs mini nukes with the arcade pip and 100M+ radius of kill, for the guy flying in third person pulling 8G and getting 27 kills at a cap point for about as much effort as a Pantsir vs an MQ-1. Maybe less effort actually.


When Gaijin stops selling standalone ground vehicle packs in the store with the premise in place that you can enjoy playing a tank.

They are also selling standalone helicopter packs, despite the fact that they can’t even be played unrestricted on their own in PvP.

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If we don’t like pineapple on a pizza, then we don’t want pineapples on the pizza, no matter how many times you want to tell us how eating pineapples could aid digestion and possibly reduce the risk of cancer. Sometimes I also think we are talking to a brick wall as none of the CAS mains seems to understand why threads like this one have consistently appeared on the forums every single day for over a decade now.


If you don’t want pineapple on a pizza and you go to a place that specializes in Pizza Hawaii and offers nothing else, are you entitled to cause a scene at that restaurant?

Here is a more fitting comparison:

At McDonald’s you can choose between a Hamburger (air mode) and a Cheeseburger (ground mode).
Tank purists order a block of cheese and throw a tantrum when they don’t get it.


They also sell standalone packs for helicopters and jets. Aside from ground RB, helicopters don’t really have their own mode. Heli EC is arcade mode, and very buggy with desync issues.

Has anyone worked out which bones are being referred to?

These posts have value but so often based on innaccurate evaluations (read OP article and it is not structured to make sense to me, and talks about an easily defeated cannon CAS… yes the 3 x 30mm are brutal).

There was no Air Abuse
There are no “bones thrown”

If the OP acknowledged their own poor evaluations maybe there might be some consensus. This does not get people on board.

FYI Ground RB is not the most popular mode.

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i read the whole thread - i am still wondering why this discussions is still ongoing. Imho you might consider to get along with the following:

  1. The way aircraft are implemented in wt (to make them playable for non-pilots) makes them (besides a few exceptions) op vs tanks.
  2. The game is designed as a shooter like every other FPS - aircraft fulfil the same role as power-ups in other FPS games - they allow comparably way easier kills vs tanks.
  3. All other design choices (vanishing of sniper spots, easy spawn camping, buy-ins without proper experience, etc.) are fully intended to accelerate the game play (“engagement optimization”) and to make experience advantages less important - this is supported by the MM and BR setting policy.
  4. The need to research TTs for aircraft and tanks to play tanks is fully intended by gaijin as it delays the progress and supports sales of premium hardware.
  5. As wt is a plain shooter you have to accept that the only way to play the game successfully (with regards to getting kills) is to use/abuse every advantage the game offers - so it is logical that “kill driven” players will defend the advantages they already have, at all cost, and “objective driven” players have usually not realized that the objectives are designed to enforce engagements and to make them prey for “kill driven” players. That’s why spawn points, capture points or bases are marked on the mini-map.
  6. In every shooter you find players which suck playing the game without having significant advantages vs other players - but they learned how to get and to use power-ups & have mastered this to a very high level of professionalism. Arguing with them like “let’s look at your stats in tanks” makes no sense as they see the game as a shooter - and it doesn’t matter for them where their kills come from.
  7. Gaijin is fully aware of this topic - and if they would assess that this issue needs to be changed - they would have done this 5 years ago. Arguing with other players like “skill issue”, “l2p”, “cope”, etc. is useless as gaijin decides how their game looks like. As long as they sell a hell of top-tier tanks & aircraft - they won’t change anything.

Non-answer to my question. Feel free to try again.

still waiting for bigger maps like 10 miles x 10 miles with more cap points cas is a handicap (i remember slumpin players and getting that kamikazi revenge bombing lol) at current small metal grinder maps in a bigger map it would actually have a use for cas he11 even rangefinders are useless due to the size and laser range finders just get that user killed if you have the LSW

and i dont wanna hear “irl there was etc” its a game it should be fun and can be while carrying that novel damage module etc to keep it unique also bros theres a conflict going on thats handing out equipment like candy quit turning games into a way to bypass it but retain “im a war god” facade again its a game unfortunately one of kind the rest have health bars or colored indicators for the entire tank and gets boring fast

no, we wouldn’t have ground battles at all and wouldn’t have naval stuff at all.
The thing is, a lot of people like the concept of combined warfare, just Gaijin can’t balance it well and ignores more complex approaches than an equal tdm with mixed battles if it gets to bad, especially at top tier.

as a side note: simulators, that are quite close to irl, like DCS, are fun. Not for everyone (same with War Thunder), but significantly many.
Fun is not objective, so arcady = fun and sim = no fun doesn’t work at all. So to avoid logical fallacies.

im saying fun as in when game companies actually put out a finished game back in the day not 12 years of constantly changing a game to milk money from peoples feedback yall forget that the selling you pieces of the game etc and so on used to be jokes now they come short of the reality

i know this is about CAS but guess what if they remove CAS it will be another issue to take its place

gaijin should just totally redo ground forces the domination and conquest was great when it was new and populated by ww2 era tanks now its COD but with tanks especially at top tier its a constant metal grinder

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There is a difference when an issue is caused by player lack of skill and when the issue is caused because a player can’t do anything despite being skilled.


ive already said for the current maps yes remove CAS 7.7br and under its just a OP handicap and with high tier the issue is small maps he11 even the 5 mile away sniping helis arent annoying compared to driving into the enemy spawn within a min i just had a match like that