Can we see WW1 tanks in the game?

There are many bizarre designs for tanks during WW1, some of which are still in use during WW2. A few WW1 tanks have already appeared in the game, can we see more?

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Gaijin said there won’t be WW1 tanks, as they are not suitable for the game, as they are designed to fight soldiers not tanks.


almost certainly not, with a couple exceptions. WWI tanks were pretty much all armed with either LMGs or 57mm cannon firing exclusively HE. They also were not even proof against small-arms fire. And most nations didn’t really have tanks during the war itself. So with perhaps a couple exceptions of upgraded WWI models or tanks designed during the war but produced in the 20s (like the 2C), no.


Thats not completly true, Germany gave all their guns an Ap round. Here is an example of a 57mm gun in my Suggestion.
Also there are more vehicles than just tanks, such as halftracks (Marienwagen II with Hotchkiss L/40) trucks with guns and such.

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I think that it would be a nice idea for an April fools event, with some minor modifications so that it can be fun for everyone


Early tanks are slow and painful enough at 1 BR ,something many of us forget until we go back and play at that Tier

WW1 tanks were very slow, under gunned and barely mobile…and mostly designed to fight SLOWLY versus infantry…they can be added to the game, but will be almost impossible to play.

You get used to it after couple of games and its actually more fun than higher tiers.

I’d love to see them in some sort of event, I really loved the tanks in BF1.

They will not be close to how they are in that game. Imagine rank 1 france but worse. Like under 10kph in most cases

They already broke this rule. Just like they did with->won’t add mid or late cold war jets, won’t add F-15, won’t add F-16. Don’t take their word as guaranteed consider it as a “At this moment, its not something we are considering due to how much information, resources etc would be needed”

That’s different, at that time, gaijin is not ready for these jets, they don’t know how to make them. But for WW1 tanks, most are just not suit for game, I‘m not denying that a few can be added, but for most, it will always be no, unless a new game mode suit them come out.

That’s not different. The WW1-era vehicles they added are still WW1-era tanks. Some of the closest WW1 tanks we got in the game are 3 vehicles from the French cause they all use WW1-era cannons. 1 example is the FCM-36. So I disagree. They already broke the rule, it’s just they lack the information to add any of them at this moment simply because the way battle ratings are working in the game just doesn’t make it from a gameplay standpoint. We can tolerate if the speed of said vehicles is faster than irl that’s fine and understandable.

But until they adjust battle ratings for ground vehicles it won’t come any time soon. This isn’t something at the moment.

That would be the case in arcade. Not in the other game modes.

Ah yes. The rank 1 french. Well known for being so fun to use they almost got removed.