Can we reduce high BR fighters's bomb and rocket reload time?

When I play Japanese F4EJ and french Mirage 2000, I find that the bomb reload time is pretty long, about 3 mins, why does Gaijin do that? Especially for these multifunctional fighters, they play different roles, and can’t only determined as fighters, like F4e, I notice the air-to-ground missiles and guide bombs have less reload time, which is the same as AAM, there is no reason just extend the reload time of bombs and rockets.

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If you want to mainly bomb you should use attackers, bomb reload can get down to a minimum of 30 seconds through crew skill.

He is playing Japan and France, They don’t have good attackers and bombers, especially Japan.heavy fighters such as F4EJ and Mirage 4000 should be considered to have the same reload time as attackers

But there is no more choose for Japanese planes, only fighters… and I have no idea how to play them in RB without loadout, the only way is to AB and get some ground targets…

They should change in-air reload for air AB mechanics already - go down below specific altitude and to your team’s side of the map beyond certain line to reload, but your speed is set to a fixed value and you get that “reentry to the mission” action like when you go out of the map edge and get turned around.
Beyond that certain line the enemy is slowly getting damaged by flak from the ground. That line is set automatically based on your team’s remaining static ground targets alive.

This way there would be no constant climbing and spawn killing with homing rockets and high calibre guns if you’d have to go back and down to reload, but it would also mean that at high BR fast planes could go back quickly to reload the ordnance.