Can we please fix the KA-50?

After getting “shot down” the player just keeps flying around shooting and getting more kills. If its is damaged enough to be considered “shot down” then make it so it cant keep flying like there is no damage.


They are working on this give it time

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I started spawning AA to take out the first rush helis, but when i do there are none lol. its all the times i get my tank out first. Ok well hopefully soon.

Take a look at the roadmap for spring/summer 2024 and you will notice that proper helicopter damage models are on that list.

So this is what I call the “fight through it” mechanic. This mechanic exists because they wanted there to be a mechanic in which if you are in an attack with with a plane and lose a wing you can still make your attack run. Similar to how bombers can be “killed” and players have control of the gunners or when fighters are “killed” but can make it back to an airfield. The KA-50 is a bad offender here because it doesn’t need a tail rotor to fly. So the tail rotor can be shot off, causing a “kill” but the “fight throught it” mechanic kicks in to allow them to still fight. In this situation, you must ensure that the helicopter is downed 100 percent, not just missing the tail as it can and will be able to fly still. From a mechanic standpoint, nothing is really broken, just a perk of the sustem for that vehicle.


Yeah, looking forward to that, had a few helis tank Starstreaks recently. Good, solid hits, but all I got was a hit. Not even a crit hit

Let’s just hope they do it right

That problem is only on Ka-50 and ka-52. Every other helo, is stabilized by tail rotor, but if you look those helo’s you see they doesnt have tail rotor at all. They are using that dual rotor system what stabilizes that helo completely, so shooting off tail from those should not count as kill at all.
So actually only bug in that is, you get a kill from shooting that tail off.

Helicopters introduced on 19 September 2018.

Entire games have come and gone in the period that helicopters lack any sort of interior.

They sense your present with spaa.

When you cut the tail to he ka-50 he can still fly and launch the missiles, the attack system is in the cockpit, not in the tail nor engines, its legit to keep figthing while being dead

it cannot guide missiles anymore when it is counted dead so your comment is false

Found recently that he can not guide missiles anymore without tail, quite senseless cuz the blackshark can fly almost propperly without it and fight as it should

That’s been a thing for years. Same for planes. While the countdown timer is active you can still score kills as long as the gun works. It’s not going anywhere

Ka-50/52 for some reason will just ignore the countdown and keep playing as if nothing happened. You can do the same with other helis, only if you land on the heliport and start repairing.

and ?
we also got more then enough videos of recent events that cancer 50/52 got shot down with manpads
go try that ingame before you get a lock you are already respawning :)

Cancer50/52 is just another ru fantasy of “what if” shit

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Ru main spotted go cry in ru forum that russia isn’t point and click anymore ;)
I don’t need to cry when i state something that everyone with 2 brain cells can find on google lmao

But thanks for giving me a good laugh checking out your profile :D

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39 but from the start of the conflict with the offensive doctrine aka the swarm. They were the decoy to let the mi24/8 can carry troops to the attacking position.
Lately, not too many since they changed the doctrine to use it.
Also not even manpads, they can be anything, manpads is 1 of it but not all the kills is by manpad, it like saying tanks got destroyed by arty but then claimed by javelin or nlaw.

Dont insult other, keep it clear and give more info into your argument.