Can we MM based on Rank finally

Can we finally move away from the archaic and obsolete match maker that is +/- 1BR and just MM based on vehicle rank.

This would minimize the times people face tanks that are in completely different era’s but also reduce frustration when you are uptiered against tanks that are grossly superior.

There is absolutely no reason why my post-WWII solid shot firing tank should ever see post-coldwar fully stabilized APSFDS/ATGM tank; that I cant pen anywhere anyway.

Not hard Gaijin, fix it to tank rank and not BR


Or use 0.7+/-


Or use the existing system correctly and base BR on how tanks perform at their BR when played at similar levels. The only reason the current system is broken is that every time a tank is blatantly OP, Gaijin says

“We looked at the data and because some people are underperforming in X vehicle at Y BR it all levels out… what? No, you can’t see the data… Yes, it’s totally real and we didn’t fudge the numbers… No you can’t look at it.”


No, also if the tanks are good enough to go against early cold war tanks then they should.
Tiger 2 would see service into the 1950s if Germany was allowed to use them.

So go from like 30 mm steps to 7? I feel like that would cause a great deal of compression. Would get stuff like m3 lee vs kv1s

You completely missed the point

They already do, and KVs can just be moved to a different rank. Exceptions are not an expectation.

This would work too but then why even have a separate rank system.

Ok. Move them to rank 3 and have them face m36, m18, nashorn, comet ect

Thats fine, light tanks like the M18 have artificially inflated BR’s because of their mobility. People are too stupid to look at their flanks and thus the M18, again, artificially overperformed because skill issues.

I love M18s because they are always a free kill.

So out of the 1000s of vehicles, all you have is the KV1 to pick on? Like I said, I think it’s fine where it is.

F80/ho229 vs mig15bis/sex vixen
If you move the mig15 up, it will face f104 and f8u
Scimitar vs su25/su25k
If scimitar is moved down, they face he162 and arado
Me262 a1 u4 vs f82/a26/su6/il10 ect
If 262 is moved up, it faces mig15bis, f86, and sea vixen/swift
Few more examples.

I would rather see the mm get decompressed over becoming even more compressed.

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The BR system is a great idea ruined by bias and/or stupidity.

Your problem is likely just that certain vehicles shouldn’t be fighting each other because one is vastly superior due to being under tiered or BR compression. this game has been like this for years now and I doubt gaijin will fix it.

Agreed, sadly true.

Did you miss the ground forces tag? I gave you a pass for your first nonsensical post but now you’re arguing for the sake of it. Run along.

If you change the mm that much for ground, you have to change it for air as they are connected.

I could also bring up that it would create multiple perma-downtiers and perma-uptiers. Assuming you would only face tanks of your rank. That would have to be the case though.

Neither bias nor “stupidity” was involved in the BR system.
What was involved is ground compression not being obvious due to tank disparity being on average less of an issue than air disparity.
& it wouldn’t be until 2022 when people started figuring out tanks were even compressed.

It’s already being fixed tho, starting early this year & progressing at a steady pace.

Rank is there to throttle progression and act as a multiplier for score during events.

Imagine the stock grind of the first tanks of tier VII.
10.0 vehicles with no modules but playing vehicles 11.7, possibly fully researched.

Count me out. I prefer the current system to that.



That will just make it worse. Vehicles at the top of each rank will be the only ones worth playing because they only face worse stuff.

You don’t realize how large of a spread rank based MM has. It can be way larger than just 1.0 BR. For example: Mig-15 vs F-80A, F-86 vs Me-262, Su-25 vs G.91.

Do you only play tanks that are the perceived meta or OP?

I play the tanks that I like regardless of performance.

I’m also not speaking of aircraft as I could give two shits about Air but that being said there is nothing stopping Gaijin from moving planes to ranks that are more aligned. There are ranks that have a 2.0 BR spread for Air but we all know the BR of a given vehicle is arbitrary.