Can we MM based on Rank finally

If not then this then what is the cause of all the under tiered vehicles clearly overperforming and not being changed throughout air and ground?

compression was obvious to most people right from the start in tanks. although it was excused to begin with as we didn’t have enough vehicles. ah I remember the days when t-34s had crazy shell bouncing physics and the side fuel tanks ate enemy shells shrapnel for breakfast.

It was like this before they pushed them to 11.7 and even then a lot of those 10.0 vehicles are still competitive. I brought the BMD-4 into 11.0 matches because it was so fun yet it’s 9.0…

Also nothing stopping Gaijin from creating more ranks, we dont need to stop at VII

More ranks aren’t needed.

Gaijin dont care what is needed anyway

They do, otherwise they wouldn’t be focusing air to get it to parity among all countries at the top end as soon as possible.

LMAO. Ya ok that’s why we see needed changes occur years at a time.

There are modern-ish vehicles on ranks where ww2 vehicles are. What about playing the game instead of finding excuses.

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Rank is the one that is arbitrary, not BR. BR is based on vehicle performance, ranks are based more on era and technology, but even then it can be very arbitrary.

Using Ranks means that you split all the vehicles in war thunder into 8 groups. It will create an incredible amount of compression, and will make playing lower vehicles in a rank nearly impossible to play.

Edit: Instead of having 35 possible places a vehicle can be, you will compress it down to 7 or 8 possible areas a vehicle can be.

That sounds like still using br but with extra steps.

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Keel arguing exceptions. Been playing since beta. Run along.

LOL don’t start claiming ignorance to make a terrible point. Everyone knows that BR is arbitrary and the phantom metrics gaijin used to judge “performance” are a complete joke.

This sounds like you want to reset the current conditons into a more compressed state. Hard pass. The BR system, while flawed, is still quite a lot better than this proposal where the whole system of balancing would need to be upended and restarted.

What’s your proposal?

Rank is way more arbitrary than BR. BR atleast has something to back it up.

Yes, I agree that the way gaijin chooses how to balance BRs is bad. But compressing 35 different possible placements for a vehicle, into 7 or 8 is a horrible idea.

You proposal will compress the game, and make playing a vehicle that isnt at the top of a rank nearly impossible. 10.7 tank vs 11.3 tank? 4.0 vs 2.3? 10.0 vs 11.3? All of those will happen, and it will lead to a negative experience.

You are asking for compression, while war thunder desperately needs decompression.

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To keep it as is. The problem is due to the reliance of data of which we can’t see. While it is a lot easier to balance based on perceived parameters, it tends to adjust vehicles incorrectly or too slowly, especially noticable with premiums. There was a point the German M48 was lower than the American one, somehow. While they do take feedback from us, a wider spread of BRs would be welcomed. There is already a limit of 4 top BR players per side per match, with the rest filled randomly.

This, decompression compared to changes to the matchmaker is better…