Can we just get rid of planes in Arcade?

They are just a troll class, no skill required. The devs have just done some token nerfs to fighters who posed little threat to begin with. The damn heavy bombers getting used as CAS is ridiculous, carpet bombing 6+ tanks in a single pass. Great, the pilot must be laughing at the cheap kills but everyone else is raging.

No skill, just line up the giant cross hair on the helpless tanks and drop them bombs, sit back and laugh at the easy kills.

Most of us are playing Ground Forces as we like tank vs tank. If I loved planes and bombers I’d play the air only mode. Keep the classes segregated, it was never going to be balanced as SPAA are not fun to play.


If you don’t like planes then it’s World of Tanks for you unfortunately.


Maybe we should get rid of the tanks would make life easier for those who suffer from planes. Kind of provision before they get attacked by planes …


You want tanks vs tanks ??? Man, you play the wrong game.

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My problem is that after this recent change, when spawning in a Bomber the game often treats me as a Fighter, so I see no ground target markers and my flight is pretty much wasted.

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I think most players of Ground Forces would love to have tank only option, people have been asking for it since day one but the vocal flyboy minority will always make sure they are a protected class coss ‘War Thunder was built on planes and I like killing defenseless tanks’.

Even though planes are unbalanced and over powered (especially in arcade) B17’s loaded with 20 bombs should not be a dam CAS.


I don’t have a problem with the combinate of tank and aircraft battle. For the anti-air its a fun match. I missing only the full feeding with fighter. Now they start only if enemy fighters coming too.

For the light tanks and light anti-tanks its a better protection, surely and its a good idea in arcade.

Only the highest problem is, if no one use any anti-air vehicle. The enemy have enough time to get a better aim here targets.
I saw in matches, that 6 anti-air vehicles was using. That’s to much in my opinion. 3x anti-air it’s enough.

Gaijin could use a automatic “aircraft alert” of talking own crews and maybe add a warning insert text with “aircraft alert” , wich u can switch off.

So you get more time to switch off the bombs.
The big problem is only that u concentrate on enemy vehicle to destroy it and you automatic ignored the aircraft is coming.
That happen me too. There times i watching each time the air and after i kill a enemy vehicle a bomb getting me.
That the reason you need your eyes overall. But you can’t have your eyes overall if you will getting attacking of ambush or a lot of enemies wanna rush you.

That’s all my experience in this game.

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I think that is true in GRB and there are polls being run to try and get a Ground only GRB option run alongside the current GRB.
I treat arcade as just a bit of fun and a good learning tool.I like the plane set up and the limited time you get.

The problem is not the existence of planes in ground battles, it’s how the CAS mechanic was implemented. I’m not going into details cause I’ve done it in several other threads about this issue. But in short… it’s too easy to spawn CAS, it has the advantage of the enemy marker tell you which type of tank it is, it’s unfair or unbalanced cause it’s Gaijin that picks the planes for you and where they spawn relative to each other, it can spawn from behind enemy spawn point and some planes/loadouts are just too powerful for a 16 vs 16 match. So CAS can be a true manipulation of a match.

I’m in favour of planes as CAS but I think it could be done much better and be more fair and balanced to those using tanks. They could start by bringing back markers for all planes but simply remove the tank type from it.

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Unless you’re hurt and are repairing or in crew replacement, planes (read bombers) are not all that dangerous in arcade.
Be aware of when they spawn, and in the map you can see where they are. Since all bombs in arcade have a 10 sec timer, it is very hard to hit a moving target, so you keep moving until their time runs out. Almost no bombers will waste a bomb on a moving tank.

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if its so easy then do it… And do it for real not just her der bomb da heavy tank in the open field and then cry omg cas is to easy… Meanwhile is it hard to shoot a clueless tanker no not really its pretty easy to even easier than dropping bombs honestly…if you gunna play cas this actually means fighting the other guys in the sky something you might find a little harder than bombing a tank not moving with no cover

If Bombers drop them from high altitudes the 10 second timer does not seem to work. Many times, both arcade and RB I’ve had a 500kg bomb land right next to me with no whistle and a 1-2 second delay, just enough time for me to go ‘sigh’.

Also most British tanks have terrible acceleration and can never escape.

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Are you sure you are in the right forum section? This is Ground Arcade section.

Actually I do it and I do it well. I say CAS is very easy cause you don’t even need kills to be able to spawn a plane or helicopter, and I say this cause I know how to use it and I’m not here asking for them to be removed. Just to balance them against tanks.

And no, I don’t find it hard to fight anyone in the sky cause I used to play Air Battles with the best players that this game has every day and I’m “ok” at it.

Yeah, you’re in the wrong section…

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completely agree… however… how are they OP “especially” in arcade?


If I want to play pure tank battles, I can play Arcade Battle. If I want to play air defense vehicles and planes, I can play Realistic Battle.

Arcade is what it is.GRB is what it is.The only way out is to have GRB with no planes as well as GRB with no planes.I don’t see having planes i Arcade as an issued because you only get them for such a limited period of time and heavily marked.

They just need to remove markers for all aircraft and not just for fighter airplanes…Enemy bombers starting 2km away from allied spawn and with all markers visible they just drop bombs
enemy Helicopters literally spawn above allied spawn and with rocket pods they can unleash hell… there is no defense against them.
And against no skill kamikatze plane players let them just lose one life, or their tank they are using

They shouldn’t have removed any marker, it’s Arcade, even RB has markers for friendly tanks. What they should have done years ago was to remove tank type from markers to those using a plane or helicopter.
The removal of all markers would make CAS teamkill their own team all the time cause they won’t be able to tell who’s who.

You can get rid of tanks playing fucking ARB but when tankers dont wanna deal with OP CAS , you ask them to remove tanks … …

Logic of an idiot…