Can we have a plane based Fuel, Convergence and Bomb Fuse settings already?

I am sick of adjusting these settings in all of my planes because Gaijin can not develop a plane-specific settings for these values.

If I am on PE-8, I want my bomb to go off immediately on contact, if I am on strike plane, better to have 1.5/2 seconds fuse.

Some guns are really fast and 500+ meter convergence makes sense, some guns are really slow and converge should be set up at 400 meter maximum, for all the cases. Then, why is this easy to implement QoL change not implemented in 2024? Why are these settings global for all planes?

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You’re being so dramatic about this. It allows adjustments to be made depending on battle conditions already. Is it that hard to click a few times to make sure you’re set up properly for the plane/ordnance you are flying out with?

Thanks for the gaslighting, but no. This is not being dramatic, this is an expected QoL in 2024, from a game with 10+ years of lifetime, with multiple plane classes and guns and bombs etc. With my system, you need to only set these settings once and forget. With current settings, you need to remember to change values every time. Not everyone waits in hangar for a long session of the same plane. I switch planes quickly to break boredom. But these global settings are almost always useless and time consuming to click multiple times, with the mental cost of remembering them before each plane switch.


Where was the manipulation and attempted phycological control? I think you are being dramatic (allowed to form my own opinions). The current system does allow you to make changes before spawning so that you can make changes depending on the current battle conditions (true statement). I then asked if it is really that hard to click a few times. Doesn’t seem like an attempt to manipulate or exert phycological control. You may be reading into it a bit too hard.

That aside, the current system is nice and broad since there are so many planes. I just recently did an account transfer and had to reconfigure all of my vehicle spawns, and it was horrible. There is no reason in my mind that makes me want to even think about doing that for 100s of planes. I would go as far to say the global system works well for a majority of players, because not everyone is going to be changing convergence, bomb fuse settings, and fuel that often. I’m an air main, and I hardly ever change my convergence or bomb fuze settings. I cannot see an average player thinking about having a separate setting for every single plane, it seems like it would make most things an absolute chore to have to deal with.

I got my answer, though indirectly, that it is indeed that difficult for you to click a few times before spawning. Maybe if you ask Gaijin nicely, they’ll add the penetration/drop indicator to RB so you don’t have to use so much mental energy remembering the weakspots on all the vehicles or penetration values of your own ammunition.

If you think it needs changed that much, make a suggestion post about it. This forum is for DISCUSSION of the game, not asking for features. Maybe it will gain some steam, maybe not, but at least it won’t sit in this section of the forum wasting away and not being considered at all.

Let’s just agree to disagree. Any custom settings should override global settings. If a player changes convergence of me 262 with potato throwers 300 meters, it should stay like that for all sessions of that plane since it is clearly wanted by user. It doesn’t interfere with global settings being default.

Clearly, we have different ideas of how a 2024 game should be. When you dismiss something as “I don’t need it in my current gameplay, so it is unnecessary”, your point is invalid. Have a nice day.

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That isn’t agreeing to disagree. I think that it would be a net negative, and I’m allowed to voice that. I’m allowed to not want things if I think it will degrade the game or become a issue. You don’t have to agree, but you also don’t get to decide who’s points are valid. When it comes to Warthunder, Gaijin decides if ideas warrant any attention.

I truly hope you take my advice and make a suggestion post, because it seriously will go nowhere in this forum. Disagree or not with my opinions, I wholeheartly think you should make the suggestion. Perhaps Gaijin will agree and make the changes, I don’t know. It is there opinion that truly matters, and you won’t ever get it from posting in this forum.

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With all your sophistry, you can’t even spell “their” properly. Anyways, done with you. Thanks for your service.

Butting in but why do you feel the need to call him out. Is it because you don’t have a valid counter argument? If you don’t why do you feel the need to bring him down? Think about it like this what would you think if you were arguing with someone that is arguing like you. You would think that they sound stupid. Next time don’t through insults when you lose an argument.

I wouldn’t be insincere gaslighting ahole like him.

Read what he is constantly writing to a simple configuration change that doesn’t affect in anyway how he sets his things globally. Clearly you buy his nice/sane guy act but fail to read between the lines.

You’re being so dramatic about this

Is it that hard to click a few times

Mind you I need to click every time I change to a different type of plane and bomb/payload/gun config. And we are people, I may play 5 different planes in a single hour. MY config request doesn’t interfere with current system at all.

I got my answer, though indirectly, that it is indeed that difficult for you to click a few times before spawning. Maybe if you ask Gaijin nicely, they’ll add the penetration/drop indicator to RB so you don’t have to use so much mental energy remembering the weakspots on all the vehicles or penetration values of your own ammunition.

Entirely irrelevant BS to grandstand. What I want is out of battle configuration option where you can save different fuse/convergence setting IF you want. Clown implies I am bad at flying planes or shooting down the enemies. A good person doesn’t write things like this. I don’t claim to be a good one, but he reeks of a manipulative ahole.

What is next? Will he say “I am sorry you felt this way” type of BS to garner likes and sympathy against evil me?

I do not see it as a negative. Fuel settings already do this system. What do you believe the downside to be?

It would help a lot for my game play because I switch between high rank and low rank stuff. This means that I often switch between guided bombs and dumb bombs. For dumb bombs, I want a fuse so I can get away before the blast damages me. For guided bombs, I want no fuse because I am far from the bomb and no fuse makes sure that I get the kill. A fuse will risk the tank drive far enough away to survive.

I cannot always remember to switch these as I am often picking my plane in the middle of a match.


You can set stuff in test flight and then cancel before joining game if you are struggling with time.

I dont know why convergence and fuel setting dont stick with a particular plane or even bomb fuse settings, would be handy.

I haven’t tried to decieve, maniipulate or psychologically control. I’ve stated my opinion. No false facts, no lies, just my opinion. I’ve even tried to be helpful by suggestion you make a Suggestion post for Gaijin to consider. You on the other hand have tried to mislead (I think we should agree to disagree, but your point is invalid), accussed me of trying to decieve and manipulate people, and acted like you are better than me because of a simple spelling error.

What I will admit to is making comments demonstrating that I think this is not such a difficult thing to do. I cycle through planes almost non-stop as well, and I think it takes hardly any time or effort to know what plane you are in, what fuel you need, or what convergence I need. If you join n Air RB game, you’ll usually have around 10 seconds of waiting before tou can actually spawn. Perfect time to make the changes.

You never once said IF you want to. You put forth the post in a way that it seemed like the change would NOT be optional. If it was an optional thing, I wouldn’t care because it would mean nothing to me. Don’t try to manipulate people by trying to change how you put forth the post.

First off, having to initially change 100s of planes would be a a chore. Even if I did it as I played them, I already know that I would forget to make the changes every time I needed too. I don’t want to deal with rhat frustration.

The fuel doesn’t mean much to me, because every plane before afterburners I keep at minimum to save weight, I change my afterburning jet’s fuel constantly depending on my intentions in that game for that plane. For example, If I feel I need to outrun similar airframes for bases, I’ll lower my fuel to save weight. If i feel like I’ll need to loiter, then I’ll take more. I also have had quite a few issues of the fuel amount changing on planes randomly. When you think you have it set, and then it changes with no input it really screws you. I’ve been amazed lately of how far you can glide the F-104 without engine power because of this exact problem.

The covergence doesn’t mean much to me either, because I want my guns, regardless of the ballistics, to converge at the futherest convergence because I want to engage targets at longer ranges. It is my preference that 800m convergence allows me to be effective in rear aspect kills (which I put maximum effort into getting) and boom and zoom attacks so I can maximise my engagement window.

The fuze timer has the least effect in my opinion. I leave my fuze time at 1.5 seconds regardless of my plane type. Keeps me from dying to my own bombs, but also doesn’t really effect dropping on moving targets because I also keep that 1.5 seconds in my “lead”. I drop my bombs where my target will be in 1.5 seconds. I think that changing it for a bomb as large as the 5kg on the PE-8 is worthless because no vehicle is going to be able to escape in 1.5 to 3 seconds if you dropped it with any accuracy.

Now that he has made this claim, if it was optional, I wouldn’t care. That would be best for everyone, those who like it or those who wouldn’t. He wrote the post in a way that it seemed like a full replacement of the current system. If it can be opted out of, I 100 percent support it. I just don’t want to be forced to reconfigure every single plane I play accross 8 different nations, and I like that I can keep my setting changes across all planes.

Pick one.

There’s no valid argument against having these be set per aircraft, as fuel already is. It’s something that should have been fixed a decade ago.

It would be good to create vehicle specific profiles for everything from vehicle set-up (Bomb fuse time, Bomb series amount, gun convergance). Units of measurement (knots for naval, KPH for aircraft, etc) and even control profiles (this is the big one for me, Im constantly swapping profiles depending on gamemode and vehicle)

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Yes please. Knots work great for ships and planes, but it looks really silly rolling around in tanks at 20 knots.

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I do use those 10 seconds, but I don’t want to have to change settings for 500 vehicles if I don’t have too. There is a difference between actively needing/wanting to make changes and being forced to reconfigure everything. I just had to reconfigure all of my vehicles already, and I don’t want to have to do it again for aircraft.

There is a valid argument. I don’t want to use that system. Until Gaijin implements a change, then I can say I don’t want a system to be present. If it can be opted out of, or you can still make those edits globally if you want, then I support it. I will not sit here and let anyone tell me I can’t feel a certain way or have certain perferences as a player.

For the third time, someone MAKE A SUGGESTION POST for this so Gaijin can acknowledge people want it, show they know about it by accepting it as a suggestion or declining it because of (insert reason here), and then make the changes.

I do not believe that you would have to do that. It would be the same as is but, if you wanted to have your a4e use no fuse, you could set that and the rest would stay the same.

Of course gaijin being gaijin could mess it up and reset everything to some default which would force you to change.

Fuel already has the suggested system so that is not an issue. We did get fuel sliders which I have heard are currently bugged. The pre-slider fuel worked exactly as I would want the other options to work.

Yeah, I dont touch it much but I do use max convergence for bombers. Not a super big issue.

This is the one that would help the most imo. I have already explained why.

I suppose these wont help much in air rb, but in ground rb, the bomb fuse setting being saved for an aircraft would help a lot.

I would assume it would be optional. At least I do not see how it would not be optional. If you want to keep your settings as is, they will stay. If you want to have certain settings for a couple planes, you can change them and they will save.

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I say it isn’t valid because it doesn’t make sense. You’re saying you’d rather change it every time (having to remember them all too) instead of changing it… once.

Are you for some reason thinking all the current settings would be reset to some other value, instead of simply starting off where they currently are? Because that would be a bizarre assumption. And also not an argument against the new system, because that’s as simple as “the new system would be fine so long as they don’t reset current settings in the process”.

He didn’t lay out any specifics in the initial post. All that it seemed like was a full change in the system, without being able to change settings globally anymore. I can assume nothing else because Gaijin could go about it many sorts of ways. If nothing changes unless you want it too and you can change the settings globally if you want, I wouldn’t oppose it at all because I can still accomplish things the way I would like to.