Can we get vehicles from the GDR?

I really want to have a few vehicles(Ground) from the GDR in the German tech tree as a sub tech tree or just a few tanks thisI really want to have a few vehicles (ground vehicles) from the GDR in the German tech tree as a sub-tech tree or just a few tanks, that would be a good option since there are already 2 tanks from the GDR in the tech tree in Germany and there are a lot of aircraft from the GDR but few tanks in the German tech tree and the BTR 60 PB can be added to the USSR


(Heavy tanks)
(Medium tanks)
T 34/76 , T 34/85
T-72M1 (Already in the game) T-72
T-55 AM2, T-55 AM2 B ,T-55 A ,T-55A (P)
T-55, T-54A ,T-54
(Tank destroyer)
2S3M, 2S1 , SU 76 , SU 85 , SU 100
Light Tanks
BTR 60 PB, BMP-1 SP2 (Already in the game) BMP-1P, BMP-2, BRM 1K, PT-76B or PT-76
Strela 10, ZSU 23 , ZSU-57-2

That’s a lot of vehicles you’re asking for. More GDR vehicles will come in time. Likely not all of those, but more will come.

Also, the upgrade to the BMP-1P standard available for the GDR BMP-1 ingame means we actually have the SP-4 ingame, not the SP-2.


Germany is the last country that needs copypaste vehicles with no character from other trees. Already an extremely fleshed out nation with many options that are domestic going forward.


These would’ve been fun additions for Germany had they not been incredibly well fleshed out with actual unique BDR equipment.

None of the vehicles you mentioned here are the unique DDR modifications to USSR equipment either.
Said mods would be much more fun than expanding an already solid tree with more stuff that is already present in game.

Here are some actual fun DDR vehicles that I think should be added though:







IFA W50 2M3

25mm zwilling schiffsflak auf LKW W50 (IFA W50 2M-3) - Germany - War Thunder - Official Forum

T-55 Jung Jungental

t-55 jung jungentall

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These vehicles would be a nightmare for the sim bracket, and would further dilute tech trees.
(That are already extremely diluted and filled with inter-nation copy-paste vehicles which the nations getting them did NOT create themselves.)

I really wouldn’t want this, personally.

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yes thanks for the info that in the in time will come some vehicles for the gdr like the t-54 or t-55

I wouldn’t mind vehicles that are unique to East Germany, other than that, you’d effectively be turning the German tech tree into the USSR one too, so that’s a no from me.

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To be clear, I don’t have official confirmation that we will. But I’d bet good money on it. it’s very likely.

There are enough vehicles in German TT, no need to use C&P to fill the line up.
So, a no from me too, unless it’s unique and new.

I think that the <6.7ish stuff doesn’t really make sense and wouldn’t add much to the tree. Maybe they could be like event vehicles (event IS-2 would be pretty cool) or in some cases premiums (2S1, 2S3M), but I otherwise don’t see the point in adding them from a gameplay or historical perspective.
However, more cold war tech has some great potential.
The T-54A, T-55A, and T-55AM-2B would provide some great variety by adding well-protected MBTs at a BR range where Germany is lacking.
The PT-76B would finally introduce the 5.3 light tank that everyone has been asking for. Dunno why people are opposed to this, especially since no one seems to have a specific better option.
The BMP-2 adds an IFV where Germany is lacking.
Strela and Shilka would make great SPAA additions as Germany doesn’t have anything at their specific BRs, particularly limiting the already struggling 8.0 lineup.

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What’s unique is the T-55A or the T-55 AM2B, something like that, I don’t know, I want a few vehicles from the GDR to the German TT, because in Germany there are some vehicles like the T-72M1 or the Spz BMP 1, but in the air the TT is a little different 14 East German aircraft and at the ground they have only 2 ground vehicles when you know how i mean

I totaly agree with you

yea i did say it like so idk know what to send but i want some vehicles from east germany

You can play Russia or Italy or Sweden or China, so many Soviet fillers and you want more 🤦

and yet germany would have more right than those nations to get them. Germany used them while for these nations only their subtree used them

Yes, but Soviet spread needs to stop for the greater good, even if it’s realistic.

Unless you want 90% of players in t34 vs t34 fights


Agreed, it seems like every game is a Soviet mixed battle with all the T-72, T-90 and T-80s running around, there needs to be line drawn somewhere.

yea i kinda understand that

if gaijin makes that move that we get new east german(ussr tanks) in to germany that would likely end up bad

i would be strongly opposed to this… we already have T-34’s and other USSR tanks Everywhere already (china, sweden… everywhere)

Imo china made sense, somewhat… but adding essentially USSR vehicles to germany sounds… like a Terrible idea. and you want TONS of USSR tanks added to german tech tree.

Again… its a Terrible idea, and should not be wanted… If you want to play USSR tanks… play USSR (or the other nations that already have them…)

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