Can we get rid of the insane amounts of cloud cover on just about every map? Who asked for this?

Ever since the latest update, more than half of my matches have significant cloud cover. I can only speculate that it was added to “counter” the new irccm missiles. I have two issues with this. Firstly, it severely limits decision making. I have to play incredibly passive lest I get missiled by someone hiding in the clouds. I am fine with dying because I get tunnel-visioned or I just didn’t pay enough attention to my surroundings. What’s bullshit is dying because I had no way of knowing to begin with. Secondly, clouds are so incredibly inconsistent. I think clouds are server sided, but the visuals are generated client sided, which causes instances where I get IR missiled while being inside a cloud on my screen, but I guess the server thinks there is no cloud, and I get instances where my IR missile refuses to lock when both me and my target appear to be out of the clouds.


Fully agree.

I got your points with jets and missiles, but as i play props only the problem gets even worse if you prefer non-meta planes (unable to extend due to lack of climb/speed vs single eng fighters) which rely purely on situational awareness and relative and absolute positioning vs enemies.

In addition most of the prop pilots around 3.7 to 4.7 have no clue how to fight with heavy clouds (stay fast at any time, avoid long turnfights, use friendlies as spotting aid, etc), so the number of matches i land and j out increased as it makes no sense to play 1 vs 4-8 if you can’ t see them in time.


These cloudy maps would be cool on a rare basis to change things up. This current rate of clouds is just counter-productive to gameplay and progression.

Turret gunners have no problem targeting in zero visibility

And AI fighters are not bothered by clouds at all… I was attempting to bomb a base and I was in the goo 100% IFR and all of a sudden bullets came flying out of the darkness and PKO’d me and flew away.

I couldn’t even see it when it switched to the Kill Cam, just clouds.


Some players have the ability aswell

We are talking about clouds and how broken it all is, i just mention 1 part of it, so Dont put words in my mouth or tears in my eyes

At least we need a warning when we are closing to the ground, some maps clouds even are just on the AF, when you take off, you can’t see anything until there is a tree or mountain in front of you.

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No idea why you react rather rude (“skill issue”, “crying”) to a valid (and imho correct) observation of a fellow player.

As a matter of fact ai gunners of bombers have no issue to track you with zero visibility - so in case the attacking fighter loses visual due to clouds and is unable to track the enemy by following the engine contrails, the ai gunners have an advantage here. Same issue with enemy bombers you meet by accident or almost ramming them as they come out of nowhere.

If you watch replays and track bot bombers in order to report them you might see that this was a valid point. So seeing daily a hell of fighters killed by bot B-25s and their aced ai gunners it was not wrong to mention this.

In total contrast to ai gunners of bombers the ai visibility of af aaa in prop BRs has severe issues with low and very low clouds direct above the airfield, their tracking is massively delayed and bold pilots are able to score kills (and get away unharmed) despite that af aaa is usually deadly within 4 km.

Dont let me forget about AAA, yes the AAA can hit you while your in a cloud base camping ju’s who are rearming.

might be a good idea to make clouds future proof, and that is, would a stealth fighter/ bomber lose its stealth due to clouds being damp 😆

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Doesn’t this qualify as a necropost lmao

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Well, the Sinai peninsula is known to be littered with the wrecks from airplanes getting lost in the heavy fog usual over deserts. Thus it is perfectly realistic to encounter deadly mountains when flying blind at any flight level in this accurately simulated Sinai map of this videogame. (Source for the presence of fog in the Sinai penisula: Gaijin Weather Office Publications, report “Thick fog and sand deserts”, page 4, vol XII-2).