Can we get rid of kill cam finally?

It does nothing , but helps “revenge cas” gameplay . It has to go , it has nothing to do with realism or anything close to fair gameplay.


I think Hit cam should be removed from MGs if its not doing internal damage to modules and crew. Prospecting thru smoke is the biggest joke of all time


No. It’s bad enough already with all the smooth brains complaining that “I got shot from nowhere”. The kill camera at least makes a small percentage learn.

The maps have been absolutely ruined because of people like this.


As you said: small percentage,…

It bring 2 % of good and 98% of evil in this game.

To be honest this should be the only thing to remove in order to have somewhat fair gameplay, as you’re not allowed to know what is the ennemy respawns in(simulator/RB).

Meanwhile the ennemy know what you’re, but also where you’re,… making it easier to rush him with appropriate air vehicule, or even ground vehicule.

The kill cam should be removed (the hit cam, which is you hitting ennemy, should stay)


Nope, it stops new players being dunked on.

How often does revenge CAS occur compared to taking out a vehicle where the enemy has no clue where you were?

Players should not have to watch server replays and would put off many of the newer players. Heck, they can’t even work it out with the cam sometimes!

I see people with decent kill streaks all the time nd they wouldn’t be able to if this was as bigger an issue as some make out.

Personally I would be fine and would just laugh at all those taken out by me or others just sitting behind a group of enemies clueless to what happened. However I am not that selfish and think of others.


What is wrong with revenge CAS teamplay? I love eye for an eye,makes me laugh.


Just show the kill cams as a reel at the end of the match. People get to learn for the next one that way. Everyone’s happy.


You can get that anyway, in any vehicle, you don’t have to have a kill cam or plane.

Some play for the game and not the salty salt.

I got my monies worth, and a 100gb more space on my rig 😉

Personally matches are more monotonous than ever so I think I got the best of times. So best of luck to the rest!

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I agree there.The game imitates real life.Like the fall of Rome ,rotten from within and destroyed by its own ,greedy selfish inhabitants who became too fat and lazy to do anything when the barbarians showed up.(Bit heavy lol)

It would be just desserts for many if Gaijin just pulled the plug citing costs, " Like the Lord destroying Babylon" :)

I’m off to ask Alexa what CoffeeBean 100 translates to in Welsh ,I just gots to know ;)

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There is no kill cam in simulator battles.

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Heck, why not!? You got it out.

They corrected that really quickly and no longer works. You can do something with UKs blonde male PM and a carrot or something like that using the 100 and that still works 😉

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In my opinion is the kill cam very helpful for all players. There any moments you don’t saw it or was shocked how he can kill you.

There a lot of experience you need in this game and you can learn of the kill-cam too. For examble your own and of the enemy or allies (replay) weakpoints. Wich you can better cover or easier kill next time. I learned faster to be better.

Well, Gaijin could do a “switch off” - button in the settings, if there some user don’t like the kill-cam.


It is a lifeline for newer players.I have no real issue with it.Sometimes the player has a chance to respawn and come for me sometimes they don’t.

They removed it for sim which is fine.They could maybe remove it after 5-6 BR.

It sounds like a knee jerk anger issue after somebody just got revenged bombed and by somebody who possible uses it to do the same.

Why though

Why what?

Why should it be removed

Because it obviously upsets some people ,whole point of the OP

My main interest in the KC is seeing how they penned me more than where I was shot from, though the second bit is useful when I never saw the who and where I’ve taken fire from.

As for using it to revenge CAS? Depends. If they’re west tai or Russian? Absolutely I will by default if I have the opportunity. Everyone else? Depends on the threat level of their tank.

They can easily leave kill cam as it is for battles at rank 3 or below, and change how it works higher up.

Kill cam(s) could easily be shown at the end of the match so messing with replays shouldn’t be a problem.
Getting information that’s still valid to the match you’re in simply because you got killed feels like too much for me. That’s basically a reward for getting killed by someone you never even saw in the first place.

That’s what should be happening, you or anyone else that gets behind enemies should get a pretty fat payday, while those killed shouldn’t be eligible for any reward.
Maps are already pretty cramped as it is, so covering every area of the map shouldn’t be that hard for 16 players to begin with.

Hey, don’t be selfish and think of others by sometimes intentionally driving out in front of the enemies without engaging, let them have some more kills.

This should be good for both sides. You’ll still learn from where you’ve got killed, and the killer’s location wouldn’t be given away as a freebie.