Can we get rid of Flares in the Night Maps? Or maybe make it a separate mode for normal matchmaker

It’s been a while since we changed night maps to be selectable, meaning only people with actual NVD and TVD can get into them, so why keep the flares?

They make it so using the drivers NVD and the tanks with gunner NVD makes you blind.

Honestly wish they could make the night map mode with flares an normal matchmaker mode for all tiers, due to the flares popping constantly, would make CAS harder to use, also be more balanced than Noon and Morning modes due to the sun blinding one team.

Do you guys think something like this would work?


Yes and I wish they add night maps in the sim que. I have not played one singel night map in sim since years. Just put them in the roation and remove the constant flares. link them to players requesting artillery strikes.

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Trust me, being stock to the bone on a night map sucks. Especially if its a forest map.
It gets difficult to see but its alot better with the flare.

Heck, i cant even see with NVD turned on (in 3rd person) so i usually play with it off.
So no, i hope they dont change it.

With the flares I never end up using NVD, and I don’t use thermals very much. I want them to be removed, because it would actually feel like nighttime.

I think I mentioned this elsewhere but if they open night maps to all BRs, I’ll take flares in the BRs where NVD/etc. aren’t a thing, but once they are commonplace, they should get rid of them.

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But the night mode IS selectable, and with the flares popping constantly you literally don’t need NVDs,

So the stock grind without them literally would not change due to you not NEEDING to play Night Battles without the FLares

i wan’t to get rid of them on the mode that you have to especifically select to play night battles

Like legit you cannot play night battles before hitting this switch



Night battles return :D
They’re optional and rare :)
They’re limited to top BRs :j
Still bright ass flares :|


I can get behind removing the flares for night battles. As long as night battles stay out of regular mm.

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Night battles should just be put into the regular match maker with flares at low/mid BRs and no flares at toptier.


Then don’t enable night battles?

Yes, get rid of them, if I optionally choose to go into a night match, I should be well equipped for it. I want to join night matches, not “Day Matches V2”. Remove or lower the intensity of the flares.


yeah this would be very skibidi rizz of them.

But Gaijin would also be gooning mad if they add the T-34-122 as either an event vehicle or a premium to purchase. I would be edging so hard if they do

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“Don’t talk to me or my son again”

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