Can we get good SIM rewards again because the Cheaters problem has been fixed?

alright so because of cheaters sim rewards have been NUKED and that was because of gaijin attempting to get rid of them.

now that a MASSIVE protion of cheaters have been delt with is there any chance that sim rewards become good again?


If you check the max rewards on the stat card and get 2000 points in 15 mins and then land you’ll find it’s off by 8% on EVERY plane.

They nerfed rewards, ‘fixed’ the economy and reduced what little they left us…


They need to buff everything in sim as even with the nerds to mid map aaa you can still easily die to it making even ground pounding worthless for the most part. They need to do a revamp of rb and sim in its entirety if they want this game to live through to the newer missile types as arh missiles shouldn’t not be seen on maps other than ec and sim needs maps even bigger than they already are.


They have multiple accounts connected, parked at the same base, and use rockets to get kills and score points. I don’t think it’s a matter of cheating(i mean, ESP and AIM BOT). Gaijin should ban the abuser.

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yea i agree. playing for like 1 or 2 hours gets you the same RP & SL as a 15-25min RB match witch is extremly unfair and not worth your time.
now ok the modes need to be revamped but thats not the point. im talking strictly about Rewards in SIM

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Yeah, Gaijin sure used the big boy logic here…

Lets punish the actual playerbase and not the cheaters. That will fix the problem!


In their eyes there is no problem. They make $ either way.


Yeah, true…

I would say that a happy playerbase would gain a better net income, compared to now.

I for one, would start using more of my money on premium vehicles and packs, if the company would listen to the playerbase and act accordingly, compared to the model they’re using now.

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Like in every f2p game, the top tier / endgame is tailored around premium.

If you are not one of the the best 10% , you will loose SL without it.

On the one side it is good that you have to value your plane/life, but staying alive against 10 F16s is not so easy…

The biggest problems are that we don’t get our spawn costs back when the game ends or we leave on the runway.
So one death is paid anyway.

The other thing is the cap on the useful actions, while spawn costs are not capped.
You can loose 100k in 15 min when the enemies camp you, but never get more than 20-30k, even if you have 10 kills and 2 captures.

Most players I see in SIM have K/D values of 0.5-1.5 , so the break even point should be designed around 1.

But that would mean that premium is not necessary for most players, so this will never happen.

I think it’s very important that we understand why sim rewards are lower than RB in the first place, it’s a direct result of the freedom we have, and it honestly makes sense.

Think about it, with a few exceptions, we don’t ever have to play in an up-tier, we can just stick to the “BR of the day”. We can start our own lobbies and even decide what map and Nation line-up we want to play, we can refresh these lobbies until we get good weather. We can leave and re-join any lobby we like whenever we like, we don’t have to worry about crew-lock whatsoever, we can select multiple airfields to spawn at and we can easily organise with our friends so that we fight with or against eachother in opposing teams, we can land and switch loadouts… Although it has some issues there’s usually multiple objectives at any time on the map for both CAS and fighter jets. Even if a lobby gets really inactive with just 1 player in the enemy team, where we can bomb and do objectives in complete safety, we still earn the same as if the lobby was full. List goes on…

Compare this to Realistic Battles where you pretty much just click “Play” and you get sent into a random matchmaker, at a random BR on a random map at the complete mercy of RNG.

As much as I dislike the “useful actions” system I honestly don’t see any other way that we could have all the freedom we have without a system like it. This “Freedom” inherently opens up new possibilities for farmers/botters, making it much easier for them to come up with ways to maximize gains as the game-mode isn’t as heavily restricted as RB is where they essentially just funnel 32 players into a lobby and send everyone off at the exact same time into each other over and over… Mission score is not capped in sim, like SL and RP is and we all saw what happened during the old-style events right? Sim lobbies got completely FLOODED by zombers of F4’s kamikaze’ing airfields over and over. It’s proof of what would happen if we didn’t have a cap to the earnings and shows why Gaijin isn’t allowing it

With that being said I definitely think Gaijin can increase the “cap” of how much you can earn per 15 minutes, or lower the spawn costs at least. But I just think we should be careful what we wish for if we want rewards like RB… I know we all very much enjoy the freedom that comes with EC SB and I don’t want that stripped away so that I can earn some more SL.

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You are right. A wild west scenario without rules would result in heavy abusing, no question.
There must be rules.

But why do we have to pay for spawning, even if we don’t die? When the match is almost over, no one wants to spawn anymore, because you just throw away 15k for nothing.

Why are the spawn costs so high for most planes, that you need 10 useful min. to not loose SL.

The balance is not right, because it is tailored around selling premium.

I don’t complain about RP. Researching new planes is long term content and it’s ok to actually play the planes you unlocked and proceed slow and steady.

But if you cannot afford the planes you research or even the spawns because you loose SL after 2 hours of playing, then something is wrong.

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Well sure, I agree that’s a bit annoying but an extra 10-15K SL cost per game is not a huge deal for a game meant to last 2-3 hours.

The issue in my opinion is the fact that you can actually do well, keep a 2 K/D and still go bankrupt if the pace of the lobby is too fast…

The fact that many people have to go to RB and save up SL just so they can afford to play sim for a bit…

I tested it at one point and RP earnings in sim per hour is roughly half that of RB. With all the freedom we have I can honestly live with that. I would take the freedom ANY DAY over higher RP earnings. Problem is with the SL earnings, new players just can’t catch a break. An honest mistake like a TK can set you back 50-100k SL on top off horrible earnings already… It’s a shame.

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For 1.5 hour game I get usually around:

  • 40k RP for modifications
  • 40k RP for research of the new airplane
  • 250k SL
    That’s in a 10.3 jet with premium account, I don’t find it bad.

Cheaters are still here, I see them every time I play:

  • bots flying bombing mission straight line, climbing to enemy AF, dropping bombs and then climbing to the space for remaining of their fuel
  • automatic flare dispensing bots which start flaring the moment you fire a missile
  • exploiters who rocket base to get quickly 800 points then AFK at their airbase
  • players setting up rigged PVE rooms

TBF, im not even sure its cheaters at this point. Rockting bases is so absurdly good for grinding that i got a 20k game for 3 sorties, whcih took about 20 minutes. I think if they removed the sp you get from rocketing bases they would see that the stats they are getting for bombers that supposedly show that they are over performing would then show that is was this that was causing the jacked rp and sl rewards. Because i can safly say, bombing is not nearly as good, or even possible, as how gaijin put it. so it must be the rockets.