Can we get good SIM rewards again because the Cheaters problem has been fixed?

alright so because of cheaters sim rewards have been NUKED and that was because of gaijin attempting to get rid of them.

now that a MASSIVE protion of cheaters have been delt with is there any chance that sim rewards become good again?


If you check the max rewards on the stat card and get 2000 points in 15 mins and then land you’ll find it’s off by 8% on EVERY plane.

They nerfed rewards, ‘fixed’ the economy and reduced what little they left us…

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They need to buff everything in sim as even with the nerds to mid map aaa you can still easily die to it making even ground pounding worthless for the most part. They need to do a revamp of rb and sim in its entirety if they want this game to live through to the newer missile types as arh missiles shouldn’t not be seen on maps other than ec and sim needs maps even bigger than they already are.

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They have multiple accounts connected, parked at the same base, and use rockets to get kills and score points. I don’t think it’s a matter of cheating(i mean, ESP and AIM BOT). Gaijin should ban the abuser.

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yea i agree. playing for like 1 or 2 hours gets you the same RP & SL as a 15-25min RB match witch is extremly unfair and not worth your time.
now ok the modes need to be revamped but thats not the point. im talking strictly about Rewards in SIM

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Yeah, Gaijin sure used the big boy logic here…

Lets punish the actual playerbase and not the cheaters. That will fix the problem!

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In their eyes there is no problem. They make $ either way.