Can we get a poll for the communtiy about the map situation in war thunder?

I haven’t heard a single person that enjoys the smaller maps in war thunder. Could we please have a community poll like the one we had with damage models? It would be nice to see if the community actually wants smaller maps or not. As of now i feel like gaijin is shrinking the maps to control RP gain…


It depends on mood, when I feel like sniping I like large maps. When I feel like brawling or playing a slow tank I like smaller maps.

Surely there must be a way to allow both play styles in larger maps. You can have spots that allow for sniping and spots that have enough cover for slower vehicles to have fun.


It depends on what vehicle I’m playing. Some tanks don’t have the penetration to play at long ranges or armor/gun handling to play at close ranges, there are also tanks that heavily depend on flanking to be successful.


More frustrating the maps, the more people get frustrated and spend money on the game. Simple as. That and the 9 yr olds don’t have the attention span for sniping.

But to be fair, some vehicles genuinely suck at sniping. So maps need to be mixed between long and short range.


Small maps can be nice. We just need the right mix between large and small maps.


The Like/Dislike/Ban system combined with actual match data provides far more useful and accurate info than a poll ever could.


The maps in slowly turning into everything i hate.

Smaller, flatter and in cities.

I got a feeling Gaijin has penis envy on Counter strike and tries to tap into that player base.


I did that long ago until i gave up because it won’t do anything plus i don’t care how this game will turn out anymore big fk thanks to helldivers

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I personally enjoy small to medium sized maps and absolutely hate large maps like Red Desert, Fields of Poland, Pradesh, Sorroundings if Volokolamsk or Domination #2 on Tunisia. They are just extremely boring and nothing is happening there most of time.

I think map size should depend on what br range you are. 1.0-3.7 maps should be small 4.0-6.7 maps should be medium and 7.0-11.7+ should be big.

Low tier tanks aren’t built for long range engagements and so should not have big maps, mid tier tanks will at most struggle in big maps depending on the tank but similar to low tier most mid tier tanks aren’t built for long range engagements and so mid tier maps can be a little bigger but not too big.

High tier is a very different story most tanks at these br’s are built with long range engagements in mind from lessons learned from ww2. These tanks have superior ability to better utilize big maps than low and mid tiers. This is especially apparent with vehicles that either fire ATGM’s or are equipped with a laser range finder. And even then most these vehicles have APDS APFSDS or HEATFS which have straighter firing arcs than other more conventional ammo types offering better long range engagement capabilities.

My favorite maps are Ash River, Karelia and Whiterock fortress but they removed whiterock and have removed cool spots from karelia making the maps a million times more dull :/

most of the maps are ass now.

who ever is working on the maps, is… not very good (trying to be polite here)

Trust me,there are long range maps that behaves badly just like “short” range maps

Are they flat? I think not. They make them acutally hillier. Stuff has only a couple hundred meter or so battle range befor the next bump in the terrain hides your tank.
Flat in the way that there are more urban areas, yes.

I don’t know how to put multiple replies in one post, sorry :(

IMO most maps I see up to 6.0ish (maybe a little more) are rank II maps tops. Many guns can destroy enemy tanks from one edge to the other. That to me is a strong indication that a map is too small for such weapons. That’s just me tho. For the most part I am alone with that oppinion xD

The game has become extremely fast in comparison to what it has been. Larger maps with room to move just don’t fit the player base it seems.

i’m just gonna say that we shouldn’t discourage people leaving battles early without even spawning in if they get the bad maps, maybe it’ll evoke a reaction from gaijin? idk but it helps take the edge off from the stress of all the bad maps

very sure they’re intentional, the intention may be to cause players to gain less rp and sl because they get spawn camped more often or my favorite; large maps at brs where you don’t have tanks that can do long range force you to spend alot of time getting to the fronts just to increase the repair costs as much as possible (my observation from playing alot of the large maps, which is getting very common now)

we really need to protest this or something

Used to be a thing for me, but today not anymore, I have 6 nations to play so I can leave the match without spawning if I don’t like the map and play other nations. I personally find CAS spam annoying and it completely overshadowed the map problems where I don’t even find there is any issues, since I still getting an equal amount of CQC maps and large maps.

for gaijin, just so they can pump out more terrible maps XD

anyways, its really funny how ironic the dull and bad maps that gaijin made specifically to make them more money by incentiving people to buy premium actually made people feel more negative towards the game, if they keep adding bad maps, people might just stop grinding all together because it will just get absurd and people have a tipping point, also paints a bad image for warthunder which any developer doesn’t like (if people keep talking about the negatives about the game and if gaijin keeps contributing to the source, it will come up as the only thing people know the game for)

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