Can we finally uptier the 2S38 to a BR where it sits with it's contemporaries or will it always be an underteired meme?

I was unware of this but 2S38s Prox fuze shouldnt be prox fuze it should be Programmable fuze IE like the AHEAD rounds on Puma which dont really work because Gaijin dont model programmable fuzes very well

its a case of gajin ducking up with naming, apparently russia does have a proxy fuze round, but its has a different name

The finest armor a 2S38 can ask for
War Thunder Screenshot 2024.02.10 -

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Yea 2S38 should be at least 10.7. That way, even in downtiers it faces ERA and composites

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Statistics is the only method that is and should be used for balancing. 2s38 has a lot worse statistics therefor its 10.0.

and that is because many players are noobs that buy it that dosnt mean its not a way to good vehicle for its br

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My statistics tells me that the 2S38 survives shit it shouldn’t survive at an alarming rate
based on that, make it 12.0

Games should be balanced around the average player

I aggree to that but the average is getting pulled down again by players that are not at this battlerating otherwise and are unfamiliar with the dynamic at those battleratings.

I love how you take one aspect of a lower tiered vehicle to justify a lower BR for this monstrosity.
Vehicle i would compare it to:

    • armor, that’s about it;
    • AHEAD doesn’t work, MUSS is nerfed, 1 hit in turret bye bye 50% of your ammo
  • BegleitPanzer;
    • mobility
    • HE-VT even better then 2S38
    • No APFSDS, no IRST
    • iTOW is very situational
  • KF-41
    • see PUMA, with less armor, APS
  • LVKV9040C;
    • Has radar + IRST
    • stock APFSDS almost 50% less penetration then 2S38
    • large profile with bucket on top that says shoot CE here
    • Less effective HE-VT
  • CV9040C;
    • added armor that only slows it down
    • Better 40mm APFSDS still 50mm behind 2S38, at higher cost per round;
    • No IRST, less effective HE-VT

Other IFV’s like the Dardo’s, Type 87, M3 Bradley, are strong against ground, if they can flank or use their ATGM’s, but not strong against CAS.

And something that objectively outperforms it, is the OTOMATIC which sits at 11.3, but:

  • A better APFSDS but only carries 12;
  • Equipped with Radar and IRST, but is a big as a house;
  • Has the superior HE-VT round with 8m radius and 1 kg of filler
  • Nowhere near the mobility of the others;
  • Sits 4 Br steps higher, where others SPAAG / SAM have faster missiles with same radius but 6-8 kg of HE filler

Hold up, you can understand that list?
I was just stuck trying to figure out the numbers

excvept the “better” he-vt is meaningless if you cant hit what you aim at
because of no irst
meanwhile he-vt from 2s38 is more then enough to shred

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True, in GFAB which i play less of a problem.
And i fear that if Bagel gets anything resembling IRST it will be “bumped up” without any thought, or any delays.

The 2S38 is in my subjective and personal opinion way too powerful for its current BR. I am not familiar with the vehicle’s intricacies, what it has or doesn’t have, etc etc, but I will say that from my experience going up against the things they feel far more lethal than they should be to the extent that I find it to be a much bigger threat than most main battle tanks and therefore target the 2S38 before the MBT in practically any scenario. In my view of the matter, the 2S38 needs to be bumped up in battle rating so that it can’t pose a more severe threat than an equivalent BR MBT. How? I have no idea, I am not qualified to make that decision.


I love how this topic quickly truns into 1 vs everyone for trying to claim 10.0 2S38 isnt op lmao
so ironic
something like that should be at least 10.3 without question

think the same thing happened in a discussion about spall liners and object 292, should have gotten popcorn

Im eating some rn lol