Can we encorouge people to play SPAA by increasing rewards?

Your fault if you don’t ue the SPAA as an AT thing as well. and sitting in spawn Does. Not. Help>

not every SPAA is also usable as TD… on the other hand a lot of SPAA never shoot at planes as they are better TD as AA

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Some kind of feature to represent the increased awareness of open top AA would be nice.
An open top vehicle with 4 lads in the back should theoretically easily be able to notice planes in a 360, but I’m locked to just my view and being ambushed by planes when you’ve just spawned can be easy if the plane player is skilled.
Spotting exists in air RB. Why not ground RB?
Perhaps a system like scouting where SPAA and or planes can mark enemy aircraft.

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I feel that would arcadise the role to be real…

I can track multiple targets at once, and I don’t have trouble with dying for the sake of my team… People get too caught up on the death, and get upset about it.

That’s the main trouble with most people who expect to ‘win’ all the time, and that they’re ‘too good’ to die for the effort.

Like, hell, a real indicator of fresh SPAA users, is them shooting at random targets, at distances they won’t hit anything at, to be ripped apart by another plane, or the plane they were shooting at, whilst they are reloading.

Air RB has spotting, ground RB has spotting with just a marker and no distance and designation. Considering spotting in any form ‘arcadey’ I don’t believe is very accurate. It’s present in both RB modes.

It’s not about whether dying upsets you or not, planes are generally advantaged in the engagement vs SPAA. It takes a decent bit of skill to perform in SPAA, it takes next to no skill to kill SPAA in a plane(Some enclosed or just with better protected crew vehicles being the exception).

And inaccurate fire can be effective depending on the AA platform. A duster has the ammunition and a single round is generally good enough to eliminate the target. At a minimum it disrupts the plane being fired at encouraging them to dodge more or stay away from the enemy side of the map. (Or more often than not prompts them to go straight for the AA platform, which if you’re skilled and ready is a very easy kill on the plane.)

And onto the topic at hand, giving AA a spotting mechanic would improve their rewards and give them more to do, making the role more ‘fun’. Even if they’re not killing the plane they’re assisting friendly CAP in locating and eliminating it, and making teammates who may be distracted more aware of the approaching CAS planes so they can react to them.


It’s not the same though.

Air RBs spotting is a marker based system that Ground RB doesn’t use, the SCOUTING that Ground RB has is also different in that regard.

Everything you rebut with is what I put forth to you about how players have trouble with the machine and NEED these ‘aids’ to get better, or actually avoid thier death.

It wouldn’t improve their rewards at all, it’d just make it easier to play something, which they should get better at.

SPAA kills already give more SL

SPAA being encouraged doesn’t mean it is effective or that the nation has SPAA at its BR range

Adding SPAA to every BR range for every nation and buffing SPAA effectiveness is the solution

SPAA also is not preventative and is not a “solution” towards CAS, this is due to both how direct fire SPAA functions and Gaijin’s map design

For high tier there needs to be the ability to intercept CAS fire such as the Phalanx CIWS that works to destroy incoming bombs working alongside SACLOS SPAA

They’re both marker and spotting systems. Different implementations yes, what led you to believe I didn’t understand that? My point is a form of marker or spotting exists in both versions of realistic battles, there’s nothing arcade exclusive about it.

If the implementation functions like scouting does for light vehicles your rewards are improved. You’ll receive rewards when planes you scouted are downed, normally many of those kills you would receive nothing for due to not landing hits on the planes.
Just saying ‘issue of skill get better’ doesn’t help to encourage AA play or make people view it as any more fun.

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They’re definitively different things…

Because you drew a comparison between them to try justify your want.

Ground RB doesn’t have the spotting system that you proclaim that Air RB has, by design…

By extension they are, it’s not actually directly related as they’re still relying on the player to pay attention.

It could, but the spotting system you are wanting, isn’t going to actually lead directly to that… This is more an aid to make it ‘fun’ aka ‘Look mum, I’M DOING IT!’

Then they can go back to arcade as that has that facility…

You’re getting far too hung up on me mentioning the air RB spotting. My suggestion was and continues to be for a scouting inspired mechanic instead of A_Cute_Chihuahua’s suggestion of air RB markers. No big obvious distance and designation markers on planes is one of my preferred features of air to air combat in ground RB.

It increases the rewards by enabling a reward from planes the AA isn’t able to down, and it gives them slightly more role in air defence.

Just telling people to go back to arcade, or git gud, doesn’t address the core issue of encouraging AA play in the slightest.


Because the spotting mechanic, isn’t the same as the scouting mechanic, and your equivocation of it, is overly simplistic.

You can put all the aids you want into a system, it’s not going to make people any better with it, nor will it make it more ‘fun’ as that is interpretational.

And that conflicts with one of my ‘preferred features’ of ground RB, being that there are no markers…

How does that conflict, aren’t we in agreement on this subject?

Where’d we even agree?

You don’t want air RB style spotting markers in ground RB, neither do I. Are you being intentionally facetious or did I fail to convey my opinion on that well in this statement?

To clarify if that is the case:
I don’t mind the inaccurate markers scouting generates, or hits on vehicles generates. I wouldn’t want the air RB style spotting system in ground RB for aircraft or ground vehicles.

I think you’re looking for an argument that you won’t be able to handle to be honest…

Yea, I’d rather not have that at all… We’ve only just got the bearing and altitude added, after I spent AGES manually putting that info into chat…

Alright go on. I’ve made my suggestion, and don’t have anything more to add to the thread but I’m really curious to see where this statement goes.

You’re the one making my statements for me though, and I’ve made it clear I don’t agree with your want.

Nothing more to put out.

So you do want air RB spotting in ground RB? That’s the aspect I said we agreed on, not wanting that.

No I don’t, but as I said, you’re intent on making this argument.

If they want such a thing, they can go to arcade that HAS that facility.

So we agree.