Can we encorouge people to play SPAA by increasing rewards?

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Can we calculate base rewards on ammount of SP that enemy used ? Currently reward is the same if you kill a tank , spaa or shoot down a fully packed plane which costs 700SP .

It would help so much in top tier balance to increase rewards for shooting down plane by 2-3x .

Current SACLOS SPAA`s are really weak but this would at lest compensate for your efforts if jet player forgots to make a turn and you kill him.


Good idea, especially since
a) There’s not tons of planes to shoot down (compared to the amount of tanks), and
b) Spawning SPAA usually locks you out from killing tanks.

So buffing SPAA rewards won’t unbalance the economy.

Especially SPAA that can’t kill tanks, unlocking modifications on them is very slow compared to tanks, because you get so little rewards from killing planes, and theres usually not a lot of planes, and killing them isn’t easy.

And in the scenarios where it does unbalance the economy, maybe the problem isn’t the reward. I.e SPAA killing tanks and planes, or low BR CAS spam = tons of planes to kill, or bots using the 2S38 as AA. Maybe in those scenarios, the root problem should be fixed instead of keeping the rewards nerfed.


They heavily nerfed rewards of SPAA not that long ago

The reason I don’t play SPAA is because they ruined the missiles.

If I want to counter air I just spawn jet with a2a and go hunting

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Definetely ANYTHING that encourages players to use SPAA is a great idea.
Encourage to the point when players start to use SPAA’s as their first spawn which can be crucial in top tier. Currently its a pretty rare sight, sadly…

Players should be rewarded significantly for defending their whole team!

And I want to see premium SPAA’s, why this isn’t a thing?(no… 2s38 and VFW doesn’t count)

I dont even think the problem is that they dont spawn SPAA, im a CAP main and honestly in most games there end up being plenty of SPAAs firing at me.

The problem is, they all spawn SPAA and then dont move. Its incredibly easy to counter an SPAA in a plane, or at least avoid being shot down, when you know that they’re all in the enemy spawn. Just dont fly over there, or in top tier you know exactly where to start looking with Mavericks or whatever to find them.

I die most often to SPAAs when they open up on me from the middle of the map where the rest of their team is, because im not expecting one to be there.

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I have suggested a 400% increase on air kills (no more rewards for wannabe TD syndrome)

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I would also add the abiltiy to gun down any type of missile.

I have killed plenty of tanks with my SPAAS

SPAAs are not fun. No amount of reward increase makes sense, at the end of the day, if something isn’t fun. After all, what am I even grinding for in the first place? To unlock higher BRs. Well, if I also have to play unfun SPAA in THOSE BRs as well, just to not get curbstomped by incessant planes, then why do i want to unlock them in the first place?

I wouldn’t, so I wouldn’t care about grinding, so I wouldn’t care about rewards being higher.

The actual solution to things that are not fun, is to either make them inherently fun (can’t think of a way here, mayyybe lowering their BRs across the board so they’re significantly more effective), or to remove the underlying problem: Making a ground only mode in this case, so you don’t need to swat incessant, magical mind reading planes out of the sky, while being bored, to begin with.

Another possible way to incerease fun would be to level the playing field on mind reading. Planes get to magically read minds (kill cams telling them exactly where to bomb), so fair’s fair: SPAAs should get to magically read THEIR minds too: give indicators of planes’ positions like in AB, but even in RB. Or remove kill cams.


Errr, no thanks… If you want AB, there’s AB.

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SPAAs should get to magically read THEIR minds too: give indicators of planes’ positions like in AB, but even in RB

increase respawn points .The battle begins and quickly the sky is full of planes .

The other day playing a battle, a plane player destroyed 5 tanks!!! 5 tanks using bombs!!! And that was a little after the match started …

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I think SPAA’s are fun

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800 battles ago I said the same things. Now I adapted. The game is what it is now. Exactly 3min after the battle started you HAVE to expect planes. If you are not paying attention to this you make it easy for the enemy. I know there are balance issues but the simple thing is to react to it by playing SPAA if nobody else dares to do it.
Here are some things for rank 1-4 SPAA. Try to stay close to your team. Close enough to help out when planes dive in but not that close enemies can attack you. Use the terrain and houses to hide and just show up seconds before the plane arrives.
Many players tend to stay at spawn and start to shot at planes at 2km range. This gives your enemy a big advantage. Good players ignore you and bomb your team at the caps away and the very good player goes around the battlefield and is showing up behind you while you are busy fighting another plane.
Next important thing. If you shoot down a plane check instantly your “air-flanks” on your side and your back. Flyboys got very very good at waiting for the moment your are attacking another plane.
Therefor you have to wait for the last moment to shot planes. If you shot to early others get enough time to spot your location and get after you.
After you shot down a plane relocate! Don’t stay on the same spot for the whole battle.
And the really most important thing. FAIL and try again. They bring us hell from the air … let us bring them hell from the ground.
I see a reduction in CAS-spams because players get better with AA. If you join in we can ruin their day.


Respawn points doesn’t address what I said at all about magical mind reading. They can keep the same spawn points, actually, just don’t magically read minds. Especially in “ReAliStiC moDe”. People choosing to play something called realistic, and mf-ers are out here casting literal wizard spells to commune with ghosts.

When the nonsense that killed planes still strafe and bomb the SPAA to death has finished it´ll be much more encouraging.


Would be nice if there were other things for spaa to do while waiting for planes to spawn. I have been trying to spade a spaa for the last 2 days. It is super boring because there are no planes most matches and the other matches have maybe 1-2 planes the whole time. It means that I spend all of my time staring at an empty sky.

No, its not a job, play for fun, not love of in game currency!

negetive comment BUT FUCK NO WE HAVE ENOUGH PREMIUMS ALREADY. i hate the fact people just buy shit because they’re pussies and cant grind without it.