Can we do something about gun sound change every update?

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the impact sounds now are actually bad, the sound of machine gun impact is just like hitting empty soda can but with x10 speed, Honestly don’t understand why we can’t settle on game sound? constantly changing the game sound isn’t a good idea…

agreed, it is very inaccurate.

That silly bullet whistle is in ARB. It sounds very cartoonish and not realistic at all.

This is important and needs to be taken carefully.

The sound still needs work again agreed, very inconsistent and diluted.
The new ricochet sounds are cool though.

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Have you tried air combat yet? They just… they sound like exaggerated B movie bullet cracks in a dogfight now…


And still more accurate than previous updates.

@Delfigrey Bullet whistle? You mean the realistic wizzing it does when passing by the camera?

The only issue i find with the new sounds are the obnoxiously loud whizzing of bullets and shells flying 5 meters away from you. maybe that sound is good only if it narrowly passed you(small chances to happen) and have other whizzing sounds when they fly further close to you,

they are too far to sound so loud, and the sound doesn’t sound right either, the whizzing should start from 1 place and end on another, instead it just sounds like a sound playing from the same spot and too loud for the distance its flying by you too. which by the way is extremely annoying when friendlies are firing close to you.

when a round bounces off your tank.

I’m sure that sound is heard in the Brat Pitt movie, his name was Fury, right?
I don’t know if the sound is realistic or if it was literally copied from the movie.

well, there are ricochet sounds in the movie yes.
Ricochet sounds like that are realistic, just it obv wont happen everytime.

Hey guys.

We have reverted the sound changes based on player feedback to spend some more time improving them Update


I LOVED the new sounds. They where awesome!


The sound changes were a nice step forward. Hopefully they can be implemented permanently in the future.

I hate the new sound upate.

So fake

The new sounds were not bad, just needed some rework on ‘when’ and ‘how loud’ they should be. The ricochet sounds should be kept 100%. They’re awesome!

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Movies are the fake sounds. Bass is fake.