• Changes to the sounds of rounds and shells hitting ground vehicles, flying by and ricochetting have been reverted and will be reworked. Sounds that were in the game until the update were returned. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback on this.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


But the sounds were so good


I loved the new sounds, what was wrong that you had to revert it?


Same, liked the new sounds


Loud minority gets its way again, next time try to do a poll or something


Noooooooooooo! The new sound was so freaking good!


NAAAAHHHHHH, It was actually so satisfying. It genuinely felt like I was in a cinematic each time rounds go past me in a plane or hearing the shells flying past


Thank you for listening to feedback


the sound we have now are great. if you really want to make those new ones either make them optional or make a poll about them to see if the comunity really want that.

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Bruh. It was first good change in a long time and u reverted it cuz some loud minority was whining? Maybe make poll next time.


for what i’ve seen it’s not really a minority who found it bad, of course i’m for the poll but tbh i hope not to see those sounds back.


Pro tip for future - if you like something - please give us some feedback. We are trying, but still did not manage to master reading in mind techniques, so we need to relay on visible feedback.


I thought it should be obvious that people are more prone to voice complaints rather than voice their happiness when it comes to new changes.

People who don’t like it will always be louder, because people who are neutral regarding this or feel more positive, will be less inclined overall to makes posts about it and attract similar minded folk, which is why people are giving you suggestion to make poll instead of just listening to negativism all the time.

Heck, it shouldn’t even be hard to make a survey pop up after launching a game and gives you even more data.


Could we please have back the realistic sounds of the M61 Vulcan cannon before the La Royale Update? It actually sounded like the CIWS Phalanx until it was ruined.

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Agreed. The “mind reading” comment just sounded rude. If they are the company making the change and want data, make a poll or survey, asking what is good , what is bad, and keep the good and modify the bad.

Hope their approach changes next time, but I am glad they are starting to actually revert changes that were unpopular, its a great start.

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This person tells base.
Listen him carefully, pls.

I loved new sounds. Except bullets flybys, that was annoying. But large calibre’s were scary and exciting at the same time.

Mb it needs decreasing volume of every flyby for everything below 50mm for tanks and 20mm for planes. (Also it could be muted for any aircrafts because of noise)


Revert Changes now.

It’s impossible to make this community happy. LMAO
I feel like at this point people are just negative to farm likes on Reddit or wind people up on the forums.


Nooo, I really like those new sounds! You probably only heared from the people who didn’t like it but they were awesome, bring them back :)