Can we decompress 7.0 air already?

It’s getting annoying trying to bring out a heavy bomber in air rb and getting uptiered against korean war jets. At that point, you may as well just J out and go next because the odds you’ll get to drop your bombs at that point are so small as to not be worth discussing.

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already? they JUST compressed it by moving the koreans down. I think their solution before too long will be to downtier the F-80, Su-9, Su-11, and MiG-9…


Not without redoing a great deal of the air tree, no, we can’t.

Imagine this loading screen became real in the game.

F-84B is still Korean War era jets but, both variants except F-84F shouldn’t face against 1950s jets that has swept wings such as MiG-15 and Sabres.