Can we all agree the APFSDS spalling on russian tanks is unfair?

Using the M829A2 I’ve shot diagonally on the T series sprocket area, it penned and it only kills the driver and sets the tank on fire, where it most likely should have melted the whole crew, like it does through the armor analytics in main menu. I am getting sick of this, fighting russian t series tanks is like fighting a fictional character, has an immortality complex.


Its not just russian tanks that gets weird spall sometimes. It happens to all NATO tanks too. APFSDS is just really wack at times.

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Its a game code bug that gaijin wont fix it. Stop complaing about RU MBTs.

shhhhh you can’t say that

I wonder when it’ll be addressed, ground battles have been getting less fun.

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It’s called stalinium. Some people say is a magic material that protected soviet tanks during ww2. Other people say that are codes fragments and programs protecting russian tanks in the game.

Look how that missile passed through that russian tank without damaging it.


Unfair why? Is it unfair that nato tanks are better in every single way except for this 1/4 spalling action?

Yeah, not even slightly true. Soviet tanks have way more armour and better mobility.

Challenger 2 has about half its historically accurate mobility and its armour is likely a lot lot worse than it should actually be.


Another Russia moment


Except this is a complete lie. 122b/a are better in every way including armor, especially turret.

Every nato tank that is considered meta good is just as fast in forwards

every nato tank even the worst ones have 3-4x reverse.

Yeah thats the problem though. What about everything else? Britain is anti-meta at the moment. Its armour provides no protection at all. T-80BVM can pen at any angle or range.

whats that got to do with the price of bread. If the first shell it able to one shot you no matter what? and even when it doesnt, that shell likely destroyed engine and killed drive and probably disabled the turret.

I often had against T-80s using the M1A1

Because nato tanks can play all the good spots that make you invisible

reverse lets you win 1v2 without simply dying

I have played every tank in this game , nato is far simpler

I’d take impentrable armour any day of the week. But I’d also just take them finishing some tanks. Chally 2 has massively wrong speed and mobility and probably the wrong armour specs. Also map design heavily favours CQB. On the rare map where I can sit at long range, its fine, I can get kills, but If I have to brawl, I stand no chance

It’s not a russia only thing. T-series tanks and leopards benefit the most from the lackluster spalling

yes chally 2 is bugged (chally 1 better mobiity) but swe, ger, usa etc are very, very good atm.

Yeah… none are an option for me. I would go back down to 10/10.3, but the Chally DS lacking L26 just drives me nuts and whilst im tempted to try the 9.0 ish bracket, i Know I’d only face TURMS and I dont really see the point. Better to grind out the chally 2s and hope the later ones get better and that they get fixed this decade.

Just annoys me when my main and only current nation Britain, gets nerfs constantly. but someone even slightly suggests that maybe other nations like soviets get nerfs, and no can’t do that, that would be unfair.

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Okay, since I learned that fragment count may play a role in ammo rack chance, I feel comfy in this opinion.
I think a tight spalling cone as we see now against Soviet tanks, is beneficial for having guaranteed ammo racks as more fragments can hit a piece of ammo rather than spreading to many rounds and potentially none of them cooking off.


Client desync with server, likely due to a lost packet along the way.
The follow-up was too thick of armor to do damage I think.

I’d say the advantage of larger spalling is that shrapnel hits the crew and less about the ammo wracks. If you are hitting a soviet tank in the side, its not the shrapnel doing the damage, its the shell. If you hit front aspect, then its the shrapnel doing the damage and you’d likely see more kills from crew kills than ammo wracks. With the current configuration of ERA on tanks like the T-80BVM, then direct hits to the ammo wrack in front aspect are impossible. Meaning a tight grouping of shrapnel is actually a major advantage, you are only loosing one crew man, like the driver and not 2 resulting in a kill. Either way, it should be the same on all tanks and cherry picking isn’t fair

chally ds is very meta right now